Jon and Kate: Behind the Philadelphia Magazine Story

A Q&A with Jessica Remo about the reporting for her March 2009 article “Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$”:

What did you think of the show before you began reporting?

Before I began my research I was a huge fan. There is no denying how adorable the Gosselin children are, and I thought Jon and Kate’s banter was natural, normal.

When I began my research, I was astounded by some of the things written about the family on some of the blogs written about the show. Actually, heartbroken is the word. As much as I loved the show, I have to admit that being able to watch these kids all the time, in some of their most vulnerable moments (Collin being constipated, the kids coming out of the bath — to name just a few), did feel a little indulgent. I am of no relation to the family, yet I can gawk at their children for hours almost daily. It’s unsettling.

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iheartmyhubby said...

What excuses will the Gosselin worshippers have now?

I thought the article was great, maybe a little mild, but great nontheless. I suppose if it was more harsh or aggressive she would not have been percieved as unbiased or maybe it would have been considered an opinion piece rather than what it is: a statement of facts.

My only question would be that if she interviewed as many people as she says, why weren't more quotes or facts presented?

Carolina said...

Poor Jessica. It doesn't matter what she wrote, she would have gotten attacked from the extreme "fans" and extreme "anti-fans" no matter what. Reading the ridiculous comments over there is just like... wow, really? It's a pretty good example of why the show should be taken off the air.

I thought the article was fine. She tried to make it as balanced as she could, but rejections from the Gosselins and confidentiality orders were pretty telling in themselves.

The thing is, people will believe what they want to believe. Some people believe Beth is still there but off-camera. Others think she was booted from the show. I'm not really concerned with that, to be honest. I'm concerned with the fact that people so vehemently both defend and attack this family without looking at the true issue that it's just plain CREEPY to stare at eight kids under the age of ten, to make unsettling "fan videos" about them, and to lose sight of the fact that they are, in fact, working. Let them have the same protection and rights as child workers have in California.

konspiracytheory said...

That was very interesting - you don't often get a peek into the thought process of a journalist after reading an article.

Professional Mom said...

Why didn't the author speak with anyone in Jon's family?

Really interesting.

Janine said...

"My only question would be that if she interviewed as many people as she says, why weren't more quotes or facts presented?"


My thought on that is that I believe the people closest to the situation were probably too scared to even make a direct quote about the family, because the family could probably figure out who said it and go after them, especially if they signed confidentiality agreements.

I mean, even the quote at the end, in my opinion, sounded like it came right out of Aunt Jodis mouth. It was a great quote.

Narcissism Please said...

some of the comments that are adhered to the actual article itself are ridiculous.

i know beth, too.
i know she has a big house, a couple of kids, a few dogs, a huge heart, and a chapped ass from being burned by the konopoly.

EGGIBSON said...

First of all, I thought the article seemed balanced and fair.
Honestly! Why can't Jon and Kate address the issue with the'missing' people in their lives? I think that if they could possibly 'truthfully' explain where these people are, the public opinion of them might change a little. I read the book with an open mind and the family and friends that were mentioned
regularly in the beginning of the book mysteriously dropped out of sight, off the page and I never read about them again. So strange. So Sad.
What is the BIG secret? Even REAL celebrities seem to be more open, honest and forthcoming about their lives!

Becca said...

the PR chick's comments are classic. Jessica is totally right, if she had given them a list of questions and accepted written responses, they would have been carefully crafted PR answers, not from J&K and would not be quoteable, because people don't write like they talk.

and this is a fair article. she gave them a chance to say their piece and the refused.

nomorekonartists said...

I have read some of the comments made on the Philadelphia Magazine website and things are really crazy over there. It seems like a lot of Gosselin followers have come out of the wood works as well as very very anti-Gosselin people.
I think the follow up to this Magazine Story was warranted and Jessica did a great job of explaining her reasoning behind doing this story. I do think that there could have been more quotes from interviews that she did intertwined into this story, but you can't always have everything (yeah I know tell that to Kate). Also, for those that feel that this article was in any way biased-the Gosselin's had every chance in the world to tell there side of the story. It seems that Jessica tried extremely hard to include their side in the story and the Gosselin's were unwilling to do so. Maybe their PR person was afraid of what Jon and Kate would blurt out in the interview.

RuthinVA said...

I have always felt you are better off telling the truth from the beginning. I don't understand why their PR people didn't get to the bottom of all the controversy as soon as they came aboard. Why hide from the Jody and Beth situation explain your side and be done with it. If you need to make amends do so. Jon's and Kate's innuendos on their website and the fact they did not discuss the situation publicly only adds to the uneasy feeling a lot of people have.

Amanda said...

Now THIS is a lady I can get with. Intelligent, articulate, practical. I like it. Well done Jessica Remo.

laura linger said...

Jessica shouldn't worry one second about the whole "unethical" smear. It is a cherished and well-worn straw argument hurled by those who generally have a whole lot to hide as their carefully constructed cover is yanked away from them by the light of the truth.

Defamation of character, hilarious. I'd like to see them try it.

Ravello said...

The article was well written and well researched. Thanks to Jessica and I was pleased to read she interviewed Paul Petersen for the article. I wish Paul would speak out again on the child exploitation issues. Paul- if you are reading this, your comments would be appreciated.

organizedblogroll said...

I think that the article was well researched and everyone had a chance to respond in a fair manner. Some just chose not to, including TLC & the Gosselins. Kinda of shows guilt by disassociation, imho.

Anonymous said...

I am endlessly amused that so many J&K supporters focus on tedious and irrelevant issues like Beth's departure while carefully sidestepping the quite obvious problem of the exploitation of those children.

Typical diversion tactic. Amateurs.

Jane in California said...

The article was well written, carefully researched, and just because some fans don't like it, doesn't make it so.

Those who are still diehard fans can whine all they want, but the facts seem to speak for themselves. Episode after episode shows the truth, right in front of everyone's eyes. And that's probably the "good side"! It's mind-numbing to imagine what it must be like when the cameras are off, and Jon and Kate aren't on their best behavior.

But what seems most telling to me is the disappearance of everyone of importance in their lives: We never saw Kate's mom & dad, not even once. We never saw Jon's mom. I remember seeing one glimpse of his grandmother, but that's it. We know what happened to Beth, and then to Aunt Jodi (and Kate's own brother!).

At their re-commitment ceremony, not a single friend attends, just some distant relatives of Jon's, who happen to live in Hawaii and probably came out of politeness and to enjoy the food.

When they move, where are the friends coming to help pack, help unpack, throw them a house-warming party? There is NO ONE. Who lives like that? Normal people do not alienate every single relative and friend they've ever had and banish them from their lives. It's ABNORMAL. And it stares us right in the face week after week, episode after episode.

Compare Jon & Kate to the Roloffs. They have close bonds with family, both sides -- we see Matt's mom and dad frequently, we saw how close a friend they had in Mike, we see Amy's family, we see the kids' friends, we see Matt and Amy travel to Little People conventions and get together with old friends. They have so many bonds of friendship and family all over the place -- because if you are a normal, outgoing and loving person, you create those bonds. Jon & Kate create those bonds, then destroy them -- that tells me all I need to know about them, and it's not good.

Sorry to ramble -- but it's just such a sad situation for those poor kids. I really wish someone could help them.

I will add -- I feel wrong watching the Roloffs on TLC, because I don't want to support that network. I think I might try to stop watching that show too, because it would be the right thing to do. *sigh* I'll miss them though.

Heidi said...

I was really disgusted by some of the comments that came out of the first article. There were nasty barbs thrown from both sides. I think you did a great job Jess and it a very well written article.
Now we really know why Kon has security and why they got the German Sheppards. It is not because of people that dislike them, it is because of people that worship the ground they walk on. Think of all the emails from Super Fans that they have to weed through on a daily basis.
It is kind of scary if you really think about it. I agree that she probably could not quote many people because they are afraid of the backlash from KON and also afraid for their lives from the sheeple.

ShisoandRice said...

Jessica shouldn't worry one second about the whole "unethical" smear. It is a cherished and well-worn straw argument

Laura silly!
Sheeple don't know what a Straw Argument is!


lifeoriley said...

I thought the article was well-written, and as complete as the author could make it given the facts that she could substantiate. As to why no family members are quoted, Ms. Remo states that she tried to contact J&K's parents, but to no avail. You cannot force people to be interviewd for and article.
If it were me, and I was Kate's sister, I would not agree to be interviewed. Even though I wholeheartedly believe that they are exploiting their kids by doing the show, I probably would not go to the media. Why? Well, I would try to get my message across privately to my sister. I would hope and pray that they (J&K) would do the right thing. Can you imagine the backlash from Jon and Kate and their adoring mega-fans if a family member went public? Do you think Kate would EVER forgive you if you went public?
I have two sisters and I love them dearly. We don't always agree, but I would do everything in my power to convince them that they were harming their children (privately) before I ever went public. In many families, the belief is that "you don't go against family." Maybe that's the case here. And, I'm assuming, because family members don't have a defense for J&K's behavior or do not agree with it, they are keeping silent.

tallblonde said...

Jessica - if you're called "unethical" by a network whose highest rated show is built on the exploitation of children - I wouldn't be too concerned and might even move that remark over to the compliment column!

Questioner said...

I have a question and it is a sincere one. What, if anything, do people have to fear from the Gosselins or their PR firm? We're not talking about the mob here or the Kennedy's and their kind of clout. We're talking about two individuals who are barely literate but who got a TV show because of their children. They would have nothing if not for those children. They are ridiculous in and of themselves. I have read here and other places statements like "She was too afraid to talk" or "They wouldn't like to give their names".

Even if the fan base is the "group" that is feared, so what? These bloggers and posters just like ourselves, what can they do to us that would be so terrifying? I say bring it on. I have nothing to hide.

aimee said...

If I ruled the world a follow up piece to that article would have been wholly unnecessary. But then, if I ruled the world there wouldn't be a Jon and Kate Plus Eight show at all so my dreams of world domination will have to be suspended.

The sheeple this article was directed at, in my opinion, are for the most part deliberately obtuse. Or just plain stupid. Certainly there are many of them who can't string a coherent sentence together or follow any kind of logic. From what I read here and there, they just don't WANT to hear the truth, they don't WANT to hear dissenting opinions...they want their J&K fix and they want them to be above reproach.

It's sick.

I get the feeling Kate could come right out and say, "we're exploiting our children for our own benefit and praise the Lord!" and the sheeple would be okay with that.

They can justify, ignore or come up with feeble explanations for behaviour and actions a lot of people find repugnant...

The journalist who wrote the original piece could defend herself and her article until the cows come home...the sheeple just don't want to hear it and those of us who see J&K in a harsh light don't need anyone to justify themselves for giving J&K "negative" exposure.

Confused said...

The main focus should be on the rights of all children in reality shows not just the Gosselins. The Duggar children and the Roloff children are still just that, children, and their rights need to be protected.

Write, call and email your congressmen and senators. That is the only way to protect these children. The shows going off the air will not protect any future children

Professional Mom said...

This is a very good article. Interesting on the process. I too am struck that people who Kate has already cut out of her life, are "afraid" to speak out! "Afraid" of what?! What will the Gosselins do to them?

Can a real life "Truman Show" be far behind? These reality shows are very similar. The kids are exposed and filmed but are not old enough to make decisions on if they want to be.

I can not imagine people taking photos of my kids, and making videos of them! Those fan videos really, really creep me out! It is seriously wrong! There is something wrong with people who spend all that time making videos of other people's kids! Can't they see that?

I bet in some of the FBI raids, or pedophiles, there are porno videos of those kids. Because these creeps can do all sorts of stuff with the kids in photoshop...and someday, don't you think the kids will be hurt by that?

The original doco's were cute. This constant, 52 weeks a year, intrution in their lives is wrong and disturbing.

Answerer said...

Questioner said: Even if the fan base is the "group" that is feared, so what? These bloggers and posters just like ourselves, what can they do to us that would be so terrifying? I say bring it on. I have nothing to hide.

Obviously, you do because you aren't posting using your real name which would give others access to your address and phone number. I was interviewed by Jess but I wasn't about to agree to be quoted or give my name for the article. Who knows what some crazy fan will do? They want to believe their delusions and I'm not going to risk my own safety to give a quote that would shatter their dreams. I know many of us feel the same way.

Maria said...

"Maybe their PR person was afraid of what Jon and Kate would blurt out in the interview."


I'm sure that is EXACTLY why Jon and Kate themselves didn't agree to be interviewed by Jessica.

Crystal said...

For those that think this is not child exploitation, how about you do the same things J&K have done.

Why don't you put videos of your child on you-tube for all of the world to see. Especially for "those people" that have to place signs in their yards that announce why certain kids can't hang around their house or why they can't live within several hundred yards from a school. Besides they are just watching these videos because these kids are so darn cute, they would not use it for sick purposes. These videos will probably draw a lot of hits because it's almost like watching that live feed from that puppy cam video a couple of months ago.

Now from watching Jon & Kate, here are some helpful suggestions or tips you can use to make your videos popular. Especially post videos that show is/her problems with constipation. And let's not forget bath-time. Take them to the dentist so everyone is aware of his/her dental problems. Most importantly, don't forget to make fun of the older child, so her friends can have something to make fun of her with because you remember how harsh kids, especially 8 year olds can be to one another. Better yet, go ahead and publicly announce to the world how she "has issues" so when one of her friends doesn't want to hang out with her, they can say "we don't like you, plus even your mom said you 'have issues' so go away".

Also make sure that you post videos of your obvious favoritism to other children, so the non-favorites can look back at these videos when they get older and have proof of your favoritism. Plus, these "memories" that you are capturing for your family will especially be useful for the shrink that will no doubt have to analyze your kids later on in life when they can't handle the public eye on them anymore or lack thereof when your you-tube hits become less popular.

For added entertainment, don't forget to post videos where you belittle your husband so all of his friends and family can see. Plus constant comments about how lazy, fat, and useless he is around the house will definitely be useful for any potential employers he wishes to gain employment with later on in the future. Because everyone knows that employers really want their employees to display those traits at work too. Also, everybody knows that employers don't like employees that are frugal and try to save the company money, so make sure to post a video about what a spendthrift he is for not using a coupon. Besides, who cares if your husband's ego gets butchered in the process because this is all about ratings, I mean "memories" that your family can cherish later on in life. I can just see when your boys finally grow up and get married to a shrew, they can yell at them "your lazy and useless just like your father was". Ouch.

One more thing, let's not forget about the extended family. Don't forget to make fun of your sister-in-law by making fun of her parenting/babysitting skills. It is vital that you do this because, gasp, "lordy be" you don't want to be the one labeled as a bad parent when others compare your parenting skills to hers. Especially when viewers notice that this sister-in-law who is probably just as exhausted as you are from taking care of her small children, but unlike you, does not often pronounce this statement for all the world to hear and always has the same sunny disposition on camera, but more importantly to her kids and yours. It is critical that you do this right after this sister-in-law who has so kindly babysat your brood over and over again while you or your husband are off doing something for yourself or needing one-on-one time with each child. She even puts her own health and her children's health at risk, by babysitting your children that have the flu while you and your husband have a very serious medical condition that must be taken care of right away. Too bad male pattern baldness is not as major of an issue as, oh let's say cancer or AIDs. I don't understand why there are no fundraising events out there for men who suffer from this debilitating disease, weird huh? Because kids just LOVE constant change in their lives (duh, every parenting book knows that), make sure to change out the camera crew every 6 months, have friends named Beth, Carla, Nana Jean, etc. play a major part in your kids' lives and then cut them out of your and your children's lives as quickly as you cut those coupons. Honestly, who needs stability?? Definitely not kids. Confusing things just makes them quicker on their feet, I say.

The coolest thing about doing this is that "fans" of the show will do other you-tube videos of your children and the thought of that is not creepy at all. Of course, you will get the "h8rs". But they are just "jealous' right? Plus all your over-zealous fans will quickly defend your actions by pointing out irrelevant points about the mysteriously missing people that are named Beth or Aunt Jodie and will steer clear of the child exploitation issue. Moreover, it's like added security because since your videos will show the city, state, and street you live on, your fans can protect you from these "loonies" or from random people that drive by to get a glimpse of you and your family. Because it's the h8rs you gotta watch out for, not the fans... even though most of the celebrities that get stalked or threatened are from their fans, not their "h8rs". Your situation is entirely different so you shouldn't be worried.

So get on that, because I am like you and don't think they are exploiting their children at all.

InTexas said...

Ive never posted here before, but I read this blog all the time. I just felt inspired to say this. My sweet brother gave me their book as a Christmas gift. He has no idea the controversy surrounding this family, otherwise I know he would not have spent his money on it. I read it with a neutral point of view, and it turned me 100% against Jon and Kate Gosselin. I burned the book shortly after. Yes, burned it. I didn't want it to taint anyone else's mind. I threw it in the fireplace and turned the gas up a little. Then I sat back and enjoyed the warmth. At least it was good for something

P.S. Crystal... agreed!!

Bicoastal said...

From Questioner: "I have a question and it is a sincere one. What, if anything, do people have to fear from the Gosselins or their PR firm?"


Absolutely nothing to fear.

Another poster said they wouldn't give their name, even though they were interviewed for the story, due to concern from KON's "crazy fans."

Let's get a grip here; KONs fans are teen-aged girls, right-to-life churchers, and struggling, lower-middle class SAHMs wishing they'd hit the HOM jackpot. They're worrisome how?

KON's low-brow scheme to live the high-brow life is what annoys me. Ms. Remo's article shed some light on KONs untruthfulness.

Interesting to hear about Jon's job loss; what a phony!

Anonymous said...

Since when does "unethical" mean "untrue"? You are correct it doesn't. So I guess the PR person was stating that what was in the article is true, but the manner in which the facts were obtained were unethical? Who do these Kons think they are? Thank goodness the Bill of Rights is alive and well, and does apply to freaks in reality shows.

ShisoandRice said...


Uh, you have to be kidding!
Selena's killer was a little old lady.
Andrea Evans (OLTL) had a chunk of her hair chopped off by an overzealous female fan.
Brad Pitts stalker was a 21 yr old obsessed fan.

John Lennon
Rebecca Shaffer
David Spade
Jodie Foster

All hurt by FANS!

There is a psychological definition for it!

It's like a drug that doesn't allow you to view the celebrity like a real person.

There are three stages of the disease.

A fan shows a lively interest in a celebrity at the first stage. Perhaps a fan's interest gets far too lively since the person becomes addicted to information on his idol's private life. He begins to avidly pay attention to all kinds of news relating to his idol e.g. wardrobe items or details of the latest fall-out between the star and his producer etc. Fans feel anxiety and tension and may develop depression if the flow of information on a star's life runs dry temporarily.

About 10% of enthusiastic fans reach the second stage as the syndrome takes shape and people become confident that they form some kind of a "special relationship" with their idols. Manifestations vary. A fan may be certain of his or her close supernatural ties with the idol or his relation by blood.

Fans may suffer from obsessional conditions at the third stage of the syndrome. Criminal behavior on the part of a fan cannot be ruled out in some cases.

According to researchers, people who need direction or a boost to their self-esteem and confidence are most susceptible to Celebrity Worship Syndrome. Such emotionally unstable people may take any charismatic personality as a guru or teacher.


Anytime a fan starts making posts on fan boards such as "Do you think J&K will get more animals?" and "Wouldn't it be fun if they all went to college together?" and buying a celebrity XMas gifts while not giving their own kids as much THEY HAVE TAKEN IT TOO FAR!

Bicoastal said...

Shisoandrice said:"Selena's killer was a little old lady.
Andrea Evans (OLTL) had a chunk of her hair chopped off by an overzealous female fan.
Brad Pitts stalker was a 21 yr old obsessed fan."


I'm not of the opinion KON's fans are a danger to anyone.

I wouldn't ascribe sinister motives to them, just lame TV taste, which they're entitled to have.

I'm not following this celebrity worship stuff. I really think we're talking about loopy teens here, not Mark Chapman-types.

The six kids are growing less cute, not more. KON's fans will eventually move on to the next cutest batch of babies, kitties or shiny shoes.

Every fad passes; you don't hear anyone saying "Dyno-Mite" anymore, do you?

ICExploitation said...

Every fad passes; you don't hear anyone saying "Dyno-Mite" anymore, do you?

"Whatchu talkin' about Willis?"

Taking a cue from Gary Coleman whose parents pilfered the money he earned, I seriously doubt Leah Gosselin can make a living from muttering "Hannah pooped in Hannah's unnawears."

With that being said, Coogan's law failed Gary Coleman. The Gosselin kids can't even evoke Coogan's law in their case.

What will become of these children if they are not taught that life will not be an endless trip to Dutch Wonderland?

Carolina said...

Just quickly pointing out - Selena's killer wasn't a "little old lady." It was the president of her fan club, who was probably in her 40s (or close) at the time.

kate is a cocky bitch said...

You can tell by my name that I am hardly a fan of KON. Personally, I enjoyed the article very much because it was interesting and refreshing see that a legitimized journalist tell the truth. However, I am somewhat disappointed with it in general. The sheeple will not listen to a word it says because it reads more like an editorial than a fact-driven article. And that brings me to my second point, the article is too long for these people. And I feel there should have been more interviews (actual quotes) from real people who would go on the record. Why can't KON's family say a peep (either yah! or nah!?). It's just upsetting that this is the best that can be done and I am sure the writer worked very hard, but it is not going to (for lack of a better phrase) "break the glass ceiling."

ShisoandRice said...

I'm not following this celebrity worship stuff. I really think we're talking about loopy teens here, not Mark Chapman-types.

Apparently you really don't know the demographic of J&K, because they have a wide spectrum of fans. Go to one of the most popular groups and you will see a plethora of ages, and socio-economic backgrounds. Leading me to believe that stupidity knows no bounds.

Bicoastal said...

Am I the only one not interested in persuading KON's fans to abandon them? I don't care if the so-called "sheeple" like them; who cares?

I suspect KON, their PR team (including TLC's shovel brigade) are far more concerned about national media stories exposing KON's bullsh*t back story and avarice than whether their silly fans keep creating YouTube homages.

KON is media-driven, not fan-driven. If they lose the good faith of the press, their rural church talks won't mean diddly.

Mary C. said...

With all this talk about stalkers and potentially dangerous people out there....

We must remember Jon Benet Ramsey's killer is still out there. Obviously he/she was obsessed with young females and found his/her way in and out of a large home without being detected. And, let's not forget the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart from her large home, while she lay in bed with her sister! And Polly Klaus who was snatched from her own bedroom right in front of her friends who were sleeping over.

This stuff still happens, folks. And it makes it all the more tempting for these sick people when these children are paraded pretty much daily on television, where warped minds can develop all kinds of imaginary feelings for the G kids. ( Roloffs and Duggars, as well....they aren't immune either ).

And to make it even more tempting, Kate sells a book with their pictures and information about each of them. Good gosh almighty!

I wonder what Jon Benet's father and the Smart family would have to say about this show if they were interviewed.

ShisoandRice said...

KON is media-driven, not fan-driven. If they lose the good faith of the press, their rural church talks won't mean diddly.

It is all the same thing. If there are no fans, there is no need for media interest and no money.

TLCexploitsChildren said...

Ya know what I'd like. I'd like for these church folks to stop booking the lying liars to come fleece their flocks. As long as churches promote these thieves (not only of money for their children's rights) then those grandma's and other church going women, The Secret reading folks aren't going to wake up either. Oh, look at how God blessed them if only I'd be such a good Christian I'd find money in my sofa and paper towels on the doorstep. Really it's those church pastors that make me really disappointed that they sell these two lying clowns as a good example of anything.

Bicoastal said...

Maybe the "exploited" like it that way; I don't have sympathy for them.

Let the Gosselins "embellish" and rip-off the church folks and teen girls. Isn't that what charlatans have always done?

It's the media buying into KON's load 'o crap that bugs me. Surely some journalist besides Ms. Remo has doubts about these two phonies.

Its A Good Thing said...

I think Jess did a great job with the article and I agree that no matter what she wrote she would have the extreme from both sides critiquing her. I think Jon and Kate should be really worried that people are looking into them and their story. I have a feeling that their empire will soon be crumbling.

overwithKON said...

ya know, I agree with the church pastors that have paid them to *talk* as being some of the most blind. But I guess I can understand that those people are also some of the most nieve people in the world. I left a church becasue the pastor (with all good intentions) tried to counsel everyone on alcohol/drug/sex abuse when he and his wife had NEVER HAD ONE SIP of even communion wine(let alone anything else). The stuff coming out of thier mouths was just laughable. I am no saint, but I have had a drink or 3 in my time and they have no idea what they are talking about.

Anyway, my point is that I think pastors and pastors wives are just clueless. Usually these types of churches, sorry for the generalization) do not watch much if any TV, and most of them think that cable TV is the devil its self. So these pastors are probably just going on what they hear. All the more important that the mainstream media needs to hear/read this article. All those posts about nothing new? Well this is NEW NEWS to alot of people, it would have been to me 3 months ago before I started looking into this sham.........

If your a pastor, wake up and look into things b4 you buy!!!!

Pastorsgrl said...

I'm a Pastor's wife. Have been one for a long time. My husband is the lead pastor of a church in Atlanta. We go to the movies, watch cable and generally do what everyone else does. We are evangelical. We do choose not to drink socially, not because we believe that it is wrong, we just don't. Anyway, my husband would never have the Gosselins at our church. We do bring in guest speakers from time to time, but they are usually the ones who have helped others in the world, definitely not "takers". We've had some very well-known speakers, speak from our pulpit and some you may never have heard of. We've never wrapped our arms around the "hollywood" aspect of speakers. We treat them nicely, but do not take demands, ie; how they will travel, limos, 1st class.
Most speakers are way too classy to ask for such anyway. I don't watch J&K anymore. It's mind-numbing entertainment that has, imo, lost all of it's appeal.

Laurann said...

"I" believe Jon and Kate have figured out that churches will only agree to have them if both say they will come when booking them, then they wait until the church has sold X amount of tickets ( where it will be a headache to refund them all ) THEN one of them backs out at the last minute and the church finds it easier to continue with just one of them rather than worry about refunds. This has happened too many times now...a pattern....a scheme.

Also, some pastors at churches will do just about ANYTHING to boost attendance with hopes of gaining a few of the visiting audience members as church members. Sadly, churches are big business, too, and these events are networking and "drumming up business". If, oh let's say, 500 people attend a J&K speaking engagement and 200 of them are visitors who don't attend that church regularly...they may get several of those 200 to come back and join their church ( and bring their wallets ).

Now, this would be lovely if the money coming in from new church members went to worthy causes, but I've seen some fancy schmancy homes these pastors live in that would rival and even surpass the Gosselin's new pad. That's why these churches snag any celebrity that hints at having religion in their life. It's their cue to get em' in to a speaking engagement, and reign in new membership. They put on their rose colored glasses and see only the wholesome christian side of the speaker ( the $$$ ), and intentially act brain-dead about the rest ( i.e child exploitation ).

I remember my former pastor at a mega church, going off in anger one Sunday about Pamela Anderson getting married AGAIN and how it was such major news in the media, and nobody in Tinseltown gave a hoot that his christian son was getting married the same day. Then, about a year later, guess who was sitting in the front row of this church and being treated like a special guest and applauded? Pamela Friggin Anderson....who was already divorced yet again. This same pastor who ripped her apart was now tripping over himself to make her feel welcomed and treated her like royalty. That's when I said adios to that church.

SAHM said...

I thought the article was a fabulous piece of work! Bravo for doing your research and getting some facts straight.

sistah2 said...

bicoastal, I agree completely with your point of view.
There needs to be more cynicism toward these two in the national media interviews - hopefully its started already.
In the recent past bloggers have brought out the truths about certain media darlings long before the natl media caught on.

my9cats said...

Another journelist comments on KON.

Kelly O said...

After reading Jessica's article, I have to take pause and think about whether or not I will continue to watch this show. My initial feeling is that I won't, mainly because it does appear this has turned into less "let the cameras just capture what happens in our lives" and more "here are the cool things our kids get to do because of the cameras in our lives."

Over and over, I heard Kate talk about wanting to make sure their kids had normal lives, and were not just "one of the eight." This makes them "one of the eight" in a way that cannot be made up for by bouncy castles and family camping in the back yard.