Jon and Kate: Behind the Philadelphia Magazine Story

A Q&A with Jessica Remo about the reporting for her March 2009 article “Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$”:

What did you think of the show before you began reporting?

Before I began my research I was a huge fan. There is no denying how adorable the Gosselin children are, and I thought Jon and Kate’s banter was natural, normal.

When I began my research, I was astounded by some of the things written about the family on some of the blogs written about the show. Actually, heartbroken is the word. As much as I loved the show, I have to admit that being able to watch these kids all the time, in some of their most vulnerable moments (Collin being constipated, the kids coming out of the bath — to name just a few), did feel a little indulgent. I am of no relation to the family, yet I can gawk at their children for hours almost daily. It’s unsettling.

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Let Philadelphia Magazine Hear From You

If you have read the Jon and Kate article that appeared in the March 2009 issue of Philadelphia Magazine (see our blog entry here), please take a few moments to send your thoughts to the editor at:

By the way, six weeks ago when we first announced that this article was in the works, its author (Jessica Remo) heard from Laurie Goldberg - Senior VP of Communications for TLC. Goldberg's contribution? Before the article was even written, she labelled Jessica "unethical". I guess that's not surprising, coming from a network participating shamelessly in the Gosselin train wreck: it's OK to exploit children but unethical to expose it.

But hey, Laurie first got wind of the article by reading right here at GWoP, so we can always hope she'll keep reading and maybe grow a conscience one of these days.

Show Biz: Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$

As mentioned in this blog entry, here is the article. Many sincere thanks to those of you who assisted with the article by agreeing to provide Jessica with information.

Philadelphia Magazine, March 2009
Show Biz: Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$
By Jessica Remo

IT'S A CHILLY Saturday at the First Assembly of God church in upstate Marcy, New York, but the commotion seems more like Christmas morning. And from the looks of it, the turnout is better. Jon and Kate Gosselin, the darlings of Jon & Kate Plus 8 — the TLC reality show chronicling their lives raising a set of twins and sextuplets — aren’t scheduled to appear for another hour, but the parking lot is already packed.

The crowd is more than 500 strong: silver-haired matrons, stroller-pushing moms, college girls in sweatshirts, kids in tees emblazoned with photos of the Gosselins, the occasional unlucky boyfriend or husband, dragging his feet like it’s the first day of school. Many have traveled for hours, paying $10 to snap a fuzzy picture, get an autograph, and adore America’s Favorite Parents in person; many will buy up Jon and Kate’s best-selling book, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets, from an impromptu Barnes & Noble kiosk.

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Puppies Recap

The episode starts with a lovely family scene... the kids are staged around the kitchen table, crackling fire in the background, wearing bibs at age 4 1/2 and rapidly losing their marketability. What does any normal red blooded American family do in this case? Why, they bring in puppies of course. Two of them! continue

Submitted by JenTru

Were German Shepherds the Right Choice?

One writer doesn't think so.


Thank you Angele for sending us a link

Puppies, February 23

Now that the Gosselins live in a more spacious home, Jon and Kate have agreed that it's time to expand their already large family. To the delight of the Gosselin children, the whole family sets out to get two new puppies!

30 minutes

More Juicy Juice

First, it was Betty Crocker. Then, Martha Stewart. Now, it's Kate Gosselin.

Submitted via email by Anonymomma.

First, it was Betty Crocker. Then, Martha Stewart. Now, it's Kate Gosselin.

For generations now, American commerce has been portraying its own idealistic versions of motherhood to the masses by utilizing and marketing women who not only lack the experience and the knowledge to be viewed as experts, but also have very little, if anything, in common with the average wife and mother. A few years ago, a man in a suit who sat behind a desk all day came up with the less than brilliant concept of taking a woman virtually and self-admittedly incapable of caring for more than two children at any given time, and crowning her with the title of "America's Favorite Mom".


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Um... Happy Valentine's Day, Jon and Kate?

After reading this little tid bit I'm pretty sure it was a cold, cold weekend in Pennsylvania. Let's just say this attempted interview about romance in the Gosselin house didn't make it to print.

Sent via email by Tammy H.

Home Sweet Home Recap

On this episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kate’s hair manages to look even more skunk-like. She decides to prove she learned a new word this week—schlop—and endeavors to use it at least once in every sentence. continue

Submitted by CynicalCro

Home Sweet Home, February 16

Jon & Kate have successfully moved themselves and their brood to a new, more spacious house. Although the big move is over, there's lots of work to be done!

30 minutes

Letter Writing and Boycotts

Per this comment by reader beachluvin, we have established a GWOP snail mail address:

P.O. Box 16222
St. Louis, MO 63105

The idea is for GWoP to consolidate all letters written to a particular sponsor into one envelope and send it to the sponsor via registered mail. This may have more of an impact and be less likely to be dismissed as one or two isolated complaints. It also gives each individual the advantage of being able to send multiple letters for the price of one, and to have that letter arrive via registered mail.

If you would like to participate, please take a moment to review these guidelines:

1. No swearing or name calling. Don't use nicknames such as Kon, Keight, Jane, etc.

2. Please use blue or black ink and write legibly or use a printer. Use clean white paper.

3. Include at least your [real] first name and city/state. A last name, street address, and/or phone number would all help with credibility but are not required. No screen names, please.

4. Do not ramble on with various complaints about specific incidents seen on the show or details regarding Jon and Kate. Discuss your concerns about child exploitation and the lack of laws regulating children in reality shows. Stick to points such as the lack of regulated working hours, the lack of regulated working conditions, the lack of protection of the children's income or even guaranteeing that they receive an income, etc.

We can't legislate compassion, patience, or kindness so it's not relevant to complain about Jon and Kate's crappy parenting except in the area of exploiting their children.

5. Be specific about what you are asking the sponsor to do or stop doing, and what type of boycott you will follow if your request is ignored.

6. Be courteous and professional, use a salutation (ex. Dear xxxxxx), and close it with "Sincerely" (for example) and your signature. PROOFREAD!

7. Include the sponsor's name and address on each letter, bundle the letters together in a single envelope, and send it to the address above.

8. Letters which fall out of these guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate will not be forwarded, nor can they be returned to the original author.

9. Any letter received by GWoP may be reproduced here (anonymously unless you give permission to credit you) as examples to be used by others.

Feel free to use this thread to swap information about which sponsors to write, names and addresses to address them to, things to say, etc.

Glamorizing of Large Families and their Exploitation

Here is the article.

It all seems very "Brady-Bunch" sweet, but just one problem: Kate can be a raving she-devil. Obsessive and neurotic, the woman constantly talks down to poor Jon as if he were one of the kids and berates him over the most minor of issues. (In a recent episode, she launched into a lengthy tirade after he failed to use a coupon while buying a shower nozzle.)

Ah, there’s nothing like exploiting the media, and your kids, when it suits your needs.

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Dear Jon and Kate

I was really looking forward to recapping this newest episode. I figured that an episode with just Jon and the kids in the woods would be a nice change of pace and pleasant to watch. Sadly, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I sat down and wrote the first recap I posted here. And then this came to me... continue

Walk in the Woods recap

I was excited to do this recap, I kept thinking that an episode where Kate wasn’t at home had to be a great one. Boy, was I wrong. Really, really wrong. continue

Walk in the Woods, Monday, February 9

View of the property line:

While Kate's away in the Big Apple, Jon and the kids set out to explore the woods near their new house. With walking sticks in hand, they're off on an outdoor adventure! Will all the kids enjoy the great outdoors or will there be inevitable meltdowns?

30 minutes

SWoP: Brought to You by GWoP

We are pleased to announce our new sister blog dedicated to discussing Nadya Suleman and the events surrounding her, her family, and the recent birth of her octuplets.

You are welcome to join us at Suleman Without Pity (SWoP). Over the next few days we will be migrating some of the blog entries from GWoP to their new home at SWoP. We look forward to seeing you there!

Redesigning Reality

Submitted via email by Eye of Providence.

Back in February 2008, Jon and Kate Gosselin were in big trouble.

People were starting to tune in to watch their TV show not for the cute kids and Kate's supposed supermom status, but more for the snark and the rubbernecking that came with Kate's prima donna attitude towards Jon and life. People had started to read, via online archives, old negative news reports about their life before cameras. People online were starting to dissect whether Kate was a good parent or an abusive baby exploiter. Information was surfacing about why Kate's parents weren't around, and too much fan mail was pouring into Jon and Kate's email box that was pro-Aunt Jodi and not Pro-Kate.

The Gosselins were on the edge.


What Has Become of TLC?

Submitted by email from Beagles 4

I remember growing up in the 60's and 70's when we were told that the programming on television was all acting. Nothing was real and our parents told us so. Television was mainly wholesome entertainment like sitcoms, made for TV movies, cartoons, Sesame Street, and game shows. The evening news was all that was real and we were sheltered from watching this. "Hell" was considered a bad word to hear on TV.

In the early 80's, television consisted of the same type of shows, although, with more selection, and included more educational programming like Nova, nature shows, and documentaries to aid in learning science and history. This was interesting educational programming. Nature programs provided children with a chance to see animals and other things that up untii then had only been found in books. Also more news shows like Dateline, Primetime, and 20/20 were aired for adult viewers. These shows were very interesting and informative.

In the mid 80's and early 90's, daytime talk shows became predominant. Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey were tasteful and among the first to do these shows. The competition became rampant, in this time period , with others like Maury Povich, Ricki Lake, and Jerry Springer, to mention a few. These shows had people air their dirty laundry on national television for the world to see. These newer shows became trashy and that drew large audiences. Topics such as paternity tests, family dysfunction, and morally incorrect topics became repetitive, but viewers were attracted to others' lifestyles. The trashier, the better, it seemed.

As the mid 90's rolled around, trashy daytime talk shows seemed to be replaced by reality tv shows, like Survivor, as viewer favourites. These showed that people would do anything, including risking their lives, for the almighty dollar. Viewers became addicted to these shows where people ate insects (among other things), did dangerous stunts, and basically put life and limb on the line for money, as we all watched in anticipation each week to see who would win. Suddenly, there were an abundance of reality shows. Gone were many well written sitcoms and made for TV movies.

TLC/Discovery once offered a type of programming when families could sit together and watch decent shows. It was an escape from the reality programs that were taking over the airways. It consisted of programming that had educational elements, hence the name The Learning Channel.

With so many television stations emerging, leading to more competition to get high ratings, TLC began to follow the reality TV trend that was so popular. This channel no longer focused on learning and began integrating reality shows on obesity, as well as disorders that showed people who were drastically different from the so called norm. This started as educational, but then became a freak show where people were coming forward and revealing their stories for the world to see. It seemed TLC gave more air time to more shows that showed the weirder the condition or the heavier the person TLC gave more air time to these shows. Also included were their weekly programs from makeovers to people having children in abundance.

Here are a few examples of today's TLC mix of reality trash television."What Not To Wear" which uses sarcasm to belittle a person's wardrobe and teaches viewers that a 5 day make-over that includes a two day shopping spree, and learning to dress well will change their life for the better. If this were the case, we wouldn't need therapists."Flip That House" which shows that buying a home and renovating it in a short time can allow you to sell for a high profit. There have been many people influenced by this, because it looked easy on the show, and lost all their money."The Duggar Family" which shows how easy it is to raise an abundance of well behaved, Christian children which has led to every large family in America wanting to tell their story on TV."Jon & Kate Plus 8"—now this one is my primary concern and the reason for GWoP. A struggling, young family who can't conceive children and with medical intervention end up with 2 sets of multiple births. The sextuplet birth is the primary reason for this show. As we have viewed this over the past few years, we've seen how bad reality programming has gotten. Jon & Kate have turned their miracle births into a media circus. This is a program that entails exploitation of children at their most intimate moments. We have witnessed Kate Gosselin turn into a greedy, whiny, self-centered monster. She has become the face of the perfect mother in many eyes. With the show, endorsements, book writing, church speaking, and multiple television and magazine interviews, she and her family have now become well to do. However, many of these have led many people to believe that the family is needy. She acts like she is the only woman who has ever had 8 children.

Kate is self-centered, selfish, belittles her husband, and neglects her children. She does all this to make money. She has become the advisor and role model for the mother of octuplets. She is the woman that many of us love to hate or love to love. Kate Gosselin, the coupon clipping, overwhelmed mother of 8, is now one of the most sought out nobodies in America. This is one woman who has taken the media by storm and TLC is the one network who allowed this to happen. There's no point in going on about her since each of us has his/her own opinion.What has become of TLC which was once loved and watched by families for its educational programming? It has become as trashy as any programming can get. It has taught some that having loads of children will bring them a TV show and lots of money. What will this be teaching our children? This is becoming a network that will have to be blocked for child viewing. TLC makes shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy not look so bad after all. Before TLC changed, these were the shows we didn't want our kids to watch.

What are we learning from TLC now?-It's alright to make people, who are different, into circus freaks-It's alright to show sarcasm and belittle people for their looks and choice of wardrobe

-It's easy to flip a house and turn a large profit
-It's alright to have babies in large quantities, and the more born in a single pregnancy, the better
-It's perfectly acceptable to pimp out your children as a merchandising tool and call that a job
-It's perfectly acceptable to belittle your spouse, neglect your kids, yell and scream, hit, claim poverty while moving up the financial ladder, scam viewers/public to get what you want, rant and rave how hectic life is when living in a country that offers so much, while riding on the gravy train

It's sad to see that the youth of America are learning a whole new meaning to work ethics and child rearing as TLC continues to air these programs. I can't believe moral ethics have been set aside by TLC in order to achieve high ratings and therefore more money. This programming has to stop before society becomes more corrupt. Wake up TLC. As quoted by the famous Kate Gosselin "Helloooo…"

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Thank you.

Does P&G Have Trouble Counting?

The latest news on P&G continuing with Kate Gosselin.

Did Kate Inspire Octuplets?

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Are there not TV “reality” shows depicting the intimate details of the lives of men, women and children for the entire world to ogle; including the enormously popular “Jon & Kate Plus 8” reality show on TLC? This thrice weekly program follows the daily routine of a family with eight small children. If Jon and Kate and their children are being made rich as a result of the shameless exploitation of their personal lives, why should an even more shameless unwed mother of 14 not be permitted to cash in? Is she not “entitled” to be rewarded for her efforts? Wouldn’t this be only “fair” in light of what she’s gone through?

Full Atlanta article is here.

Thank you, Laura.

The Big Move Recap

Commissioned from k8 is gr8.

The moderators at Gosselins Without Pity asked me to do a recap this week, “in the interests of fairness.” It’s about time, I say. Time to set you guys str8 about K8!

First, let me say that you guys are nothing but a bunch of jealous h8ters! The reason why you don’t like Kate Gosselin is because you want her life! You know, the great husband, all of those adorable kids, all of the kewl FREE stuff and now that beautiful HUGE house. I don’t see any of you getting your own television show, right? Didja ever ask yourselves why that might be?

I want to be just like Kate. I think she is everything a woman should be. I mean, think about it. She looks great, for one. I wish that I had the money in this terrible economy to go to a spa, to get my teeth whitened, to have Botox. Unfortunately, my husband and I both lost our jobs three months ago at DHL, so money is pretty tight. It’s not like I can go to Dear Hubby and say, “Hey, give me a couple of hundred for Botox shots.” We’re just trying to keep our oldest boy in college and make our mortgage payments! LOL.

One thing that I could do is get a haircut just like Kate’s. The only problem was, the girl at the Supercuts claimed she didn’t know what I was talking about. Can you imagine, a hairstylist who is supposed to be on the cutting edge of fashion, not knowing who America’s #1 Supermom is? That would be like saying you don’t know who Julia Roberts is! Kate Gosselin is a huge celebrity!It turned out okay, though, because the manager came over to my sourpuss hairstylist and whispered, “Remember the dude from A Flock Of Seagulls back in the day?” I didn’t know what that meant, but it must have been a magic phrase or something, because I wound up with Kate’s signature haircut! I’ll tell you, I had to go into town later on that day to fight for more unemployment benefits from the state, but I looked GREAT doing it!

Right. The recap. I’m not sure where to begin, exactly. As you bunch of jealous haters already know, Jon and Kate and the kids have a super new house! And you know what? They deserve it for working so hard to be America’s #1 Family Of Two Sets Of Multiples! The credits roll, and Kate assures us that it is “are life.” It’s so cute, the way that she says it. And you know what? She’s right. Her life IS “are life.” As Jon and Kate would say themselves, it’s through the magic of television! The Gosselins belong to all of us. We know more about their lives sometimes than we know about our friends and families! I mean, I’ve never seen little Bryson across the street take a poopy in the potty, and he’s four, but I have seen Joel, Aaden, and Hannah do it! We all even saw little Collin have a doody bubble pulled out of his little heinie. Magic moments like these make me feel like I really, really know the Gosselin gang!

Moving day! It’s hectic, especially with Kate in Los Angeles on business. I wonder how many celebrities she met. I’ll bet a bunch wanted to meet HER, America’s Supermom of Twins and Tups! I wonder if she got any spa treatments in L.A. I read about the spas in California all of the time in the gossip magazines as I check out at the Aldi. Kate used to shop at Aldi, you know. That’s why I switched over from Safeway. Anyway, for you meanies who say that it is BAD for the Gosselin kids to have the cameras in their house, just look at how those kids interact with the camera and sound guys! And if you ask me, Jon and Kate are both lucky, being that they are so busy and all, to have built-in babysitters like that! No one is going to let a kid get hurt if the cameras are rolling, right?

Things are getting pretty wild in the basement, with kids crawling over boxes and Alexis wanting the cameraman to watch television with her. That Alexis is so darned cute. She could be a kid model, or do pageants. I’ll bet that she doesn’t because she is a disturber. I hear that pageants don’t like disturbers! Alexis would have to score highly in swimsuit and eveningwear in order to overcome her low scores for being so naughty. Judges notice stuff like that.Time for Daddy Gosselin to lay down the law with the kids, as any Christian father would do. Jon yells at the children to “get down here NOW,” and that “we don’t slam doors at all!” He really hollers at the children at play. It makes perfect sense to me, why he shouts. You have six active four year olds, you have to scream at them on your lungs using your most hateful voice in order to get them to listen!

Well, as I told you guys, our family might be moving soon. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be to a beautiful mansion on farmland, like Kate. More like, to my sister’s house in Nashville! LOL. Well, she did say that Fed Ex might be hiring this summer. Let me be the first to tell you that I really appreciated all of Jon and Kate’s packing and moving tips. So much so, that I jotted their words of wisdom down, word for word:“You don’t have to take everything in your house with you.” Boxes should be “precisely labeled,” “coded, with stickers, and marked.”“The beauty of moving: just pitch your trash. Doesn’t matter anymore.” Jon also helpfully spent several minutes giving a detailed description of how to place packed boxes in the garage and various rooms. It looked to me like those Gosselins had an awful lot of stuff to pack. I know you guys will “snark” on Jon’s advice, but I am grateful. When we moved into our current house back in 1986, we just shoved things into sacks, if at all, and just put stuff in the rooms willy-nilly. We’re still finding stuff here and there in our rooms about the Challenger disaster!

Alexis is nicknamed “Sassy,” but that’s what I secretly call Kate. Her sense of comic timing, her wry asides to the camera, her complete and total exasperation with her wacky husband (a comedian in his own right!), all of it adds up to One Sassy Mama. One Sassy Mama Of America’s Favorite Twins And Tups, that is! Here are a couple of her gems while dealing with The Goofier Sex: “Work, men! Work!” Meanwhile, there she stands, looking like a celebrity! LOL!“I got to tell men what to do.” You GO, girl! LOL! Now here is the most hilarious part of the episode: did you guys see the LOOK Jon gives his wife when she said that last bit? It was priceless!

You know, it reminded me of our old friends Ed and Carol. Ed used to give Carol looks like that when she talked, and we all used to laugh and laugh. It was funny, to watch married couples act that way! I mean, three thousand episodes of Hee Haw can’t be wrong, right? And remind me to give Carol a call. I hear she’s taken up drinking since the divorce.

One thing is for sure: Kate likes things CLEAN. She gets very upset with the prior owners of their beautiful big huge new house for not cleaning under their deep freezer. I don’t blame Kate for that. When our freezer broke last year, we had to have my husband and his work buddy haul it away because the food spoiled and we couldn’t afford a new one. Let me tell you, there was a real mess under there! Guess I’d been too busy working full time and raising my kids to think about that kind of dirt. It makes me admire Kate even more, that she could have all of those kids and remember it! The kids run and play on their new farmland, and it was so nice to see. You could tell that the camera and sound guys really enjoyed supervising the Gosselin tups. Pretty sweet job, if you ask me! After all, Kate and Jon were busy in the huge new house, installing essentials like fancy new shower heads, and supervising the cleaning crew that the camera didn’t exactly show. And wasn’t it funny when Jon did that Asian-type voice when he said, “massage showerhead” in the interview? I laughed and laughed. After all, it isn’t racism if you are part Asian yourself!

Now we get to what you bunch of jealous meanies call “Coupongate.” Well, who doesn’t use coupons in this tough economy? I know that I sure do. I had one the other day for Hamburger Helper and I bought as much as I could. Good thing that Hamburger Helper comes in so many flavors, or I would have a grouchy husband like Jon for sure (remember how grouchy Jon got when he was shelling seafood for the tups and twins at the beach house? LOL!). Here is my own household moneysaving tip, in case Jon and Kate are reading this: to stretch your family’s dollar, you can make Hamburger Helper with a can of kidney beans! That’s what we have been doing for the last month or so!

Kate, always one to mindful of the family budget while keeping up with current trends, tells all of us what I suspected all along: “I never, ever shop and buy items unless I have a coupon for each item.” One thing that I would love to know is, where did she get the coupons for those cute trendy tops she is wearing, like the one with the peace symbol, and the one that says, “Living the dream”? TLC, can you help us out here? I could use a couple of dreams to live right now. I know a lot of people who feel the same way.

Jon, goofy clueless man of a husband that he is, apparently bought some new showerheads for the brand-new huge beautiful house while he was out taking the tups to preschool. And you know men; no coupon, despite the fact that Kate has laid down family rules about using them! Kate gets very angry with Jon about this, and then tells the camera, “I’m gonna shoot him.” I laughed and laughed, as it was very funny, but then I thought of something: if Kate actually DID shoot Jon, she could totally get her own episode of Snapped!

I can’t really do what happens next any justice, so I will just let the words of America’s #1 All-Time Favorite Mom speak for themselves. They were so funny, I wrote them down word for word:“Give me the receipt, right now!” (You GO, girl!)“We don’t buy things unless we have a coupon! Period, end of story!”“You let that man out of the house, and that’s what happens!”“Tell me where the receipt is!”“You’re not buying anything anymore!”“Annoying, annoying, beyond annoying!”“What is the rule about receipts?”“I was infuriated.”

Here was the best part of Coupongate: Alexis was right there, in the background, hearing the whole thing. You know, Kate really is a wonderful mother. She knows that you can never start training girls soon enough to be loving, Christian wives to their husbands. Kate is such a wonderful example of married motherhood. America’s #1 Super Mega Multiples Mom, that is!

Well, I had better wrap this up. Dear Hubby is heading home from looking for work. He sounded discouraged. Too bad he refuses to watch this show, as it’s Pure Sunshine, compliments of the magic of television. No, he doesn’t seem to like Kate Gosselin much. In fact, I have heard him say some things about her that made me think he has been hanging out at Gosselins Without Pity! LOL.

My hope is that one day I can meet Kate Gosselin. I’ll get my ‘do done just like hers, and tell her that it’s my dream to someday have another daughter, who I will name “Keight”! Just for her, of course. I’m sure Kate will love it.

Until then, I’m off to find some coupons for that “Living The Dream” shirt.

Kate on Larry King

Kate is scheduled to appear on Larry King tonight. They are accepting questions.

Go here.

The Big Move, Monday, February 2

After lots of planning and preparation, the Gosselin clan finally packs up and moves to a more spacious home. Jon and Kate say goodbye to the house where their children spent most of their young lives, and the family embarks on a new chapter of life.

30 minutes

The End of Reality For This Show

Sent via email from ConfusedViewer.

I originally became enamored with "Jon & Kate Plus 8" because it was your standard American-miracle-meets-tragedy story. Here was this hard-working middle class family that simply wanted to conceive a third baby. They got 6. The miracle, clearly, was conceiving and delivering 6 completely normal, healthy, adorable babies. The tragedy was the fact that supporting that family both financially and emotionally (and physically) was such a task that it became worthy of a reality show. I loved watching the amount of work and planning that went into one day of raising 8 little kids. Everything about it was mind boggling, from that table with the 6 highchairs built in, to the laundry, and the never-ending grocery shopping.

I wondered if each kid got any personal attention from either parent. How did they buy all those carseats? Carseats can run a few hundred dollars each. Clearly, no middle-class family in America today could support such a brood. I think we all understood how the reality show made sense, as well as we smiled watching the family go from broke back to a tightly-budgeted middle-income household. No one deserves to be poor, let alone innocent little kids, but cutting coupons and having 3 kids per bedroom was part of what comes with a large family, and Jon & Kate should have been greatful to make it that far on the assistance and generosity of others. Their needs were back to being met, and we as viewers loved to watch and marvel at their day-to-day struggles and accomplishments.

However, I no longer understand the reality show. They are no longer a normal family. There is nothing more to watch that is endearing or proof that there is still philanthropy in America. Now Jon & Kate are wealthy. It is proof of American Greed...they should be on that show! We watch them tinker around their mansion, and send their twins to private school. They have luxuries that no middle-class family with even just one kid has...tummy tucks, white teeth, perfectly coiffed and newly-transplanted hair. So what is this story about now? Their lives are easier than many well-to-do families have it with 2 kids. The struggle is over. They have had more extravagent vacations in one year than my husband and I have taken (or could afford to take), and my husband works 60 hours per week in Manhattan for one of the biggest banks in the country and I am a marketing manager.

I am not jealous. I don't want 2 sets of multiples nor do I want to profit off of private tragedy or personal miracles. But I do think that this show and TLC's choice in airing what it has become is in poor taste in a country that is ailing as badly as ours. There are many people out there who are well-educated, who work hour after hour, and cannot provide even half of what Jon & Kate do for their children. We are busy paying for the greed that has slipped through the fingers of our justice system. Let's not have Jon & Kate's hoax of a show be the icing on a rotten cake. It's time that we all unite to instill values back in our society. We need to fight hard for accountability, modesty and good hearts. Take Jon & Kate off the air, please.