Gosselin Family Resolutions

What resolutions would you have for the Gosselin family?


3rd Rock From The Sun said...

To pull the plug, on this circus of a show.

fxfanatic said...

If I was Kate:
- stop belittling my husband
- love all my children equally
- stop asking for "love offerings," especially from people who don't really know our situation
- let my kids get dirty
- give without being taped
- ask family and friends to forgive me
- stop the show!
- kindly ask TLC to delete all the poop/bowel issue and shower scenes.
- call Paul Peterson to help get out of any outstanding contracts.

- Open my mouth and defy my wife
- find my testicles
- call my mother and beg forgiveness

Kids shoudn't have to make any resolutions.
Except my kid. Hers is to do her homework and stop lying.

kate is a cocky bitch said...

Kate can grow a heart & Jon can grow a pair

ThreeFarmers said...

I resolve to not say another word about Kate's hair.

ruthy said...

I am so proud of you Three Farmers...not saying anything about Kate's hair is going to be just as hard as my resolution to lose 60 pounds in two months!

noteasybeingstupid said...

Get ride of the bibs and high chairs1

DirtyDisher said...

Good luck with that ThreeFarmers. It's going to hurt. Hmm. If I was Kate I'd resolve to get the whole family a free trip to Europe and make several episodes out of it. I'd have TLC buy me a vacation villa in Italy and a couple of servants to grow organic veggies which I would then feature in my organic gardening book. In Paris the kids could take French lessons but, only the girls. Everyone knows boys have nothing to say. This would be a perfect oportunity to set Mady up as she'd be the first to learn Parisian profanity and Jesus himself could be called in as a guest star. He loves them, you know. The possibilities are endless...just like their show.

highondegrassi said...

For Jon to start acting more like Jim Bob Duggar (he'll never be as handsome as him, but he can try to act like him).

Sydney said...

I am afraid DirtyDisher's post was the most realistic, as far as resolutions made by the family. Sad but true.

margojata said...

"For Jon to start acting more like Jim Bob Duggar (he'll never be as handsome as him, but he can try to act like him)."

Good one! I just love his smile!
Here's another one....maybe Kate could act like more like Michelle Duggar and learn to have some respect for her husband.

Beagles 4 said...

Bascially, only one resolution for Jon and Kate:

Get real jobs and stop living off your kids supporting you. Let them be the kids, not the bread winners.

fryboy said...

I will stop watching - I feel like it is like a car wreck and I just can't help but watch! LOL
Saw this and said YES, YES YES!
I really wish Kate would read that and these ones we have written - maybe she'd wake up!!!

grandee4 said...

Just read the article, WOW!
That's some life changing resolutions. If I were Kate, and had that much wrong with my life (and it's all true) I would crawl under a rock or something.
How can she continue to deny all of it?
I would take my family and never again let them be filmed again.
How horrible to have your whole life spread across the newspapers, magazines and internet. She brought it all on herself, with the help of that whimp next to her.
I feel really bad for those kids.
Kon will never stop now, they will never give up the money. They will contiue to subject their kids to a life of hell.
Kate once said that she was most afraid of the "empty nest syndrome" when the kids growup and move out. Yes, it is very scary, went through it not too long ago. One think diffrent about my kids growning up and the Kon kids, my kids call just about every day and come over a lot. The KON kids will leave and NEVER come back.As soon as they are able to make decisions for themselves their out of there. Maybe not Hannie, but the others will go and never look back.
I pray for them, that they stick together and move on from their evil parents and learn to rely on their extended family, who, I am sure, have a lot of love for them.

Karen said...

Omgosh, that article written about the new years resolution for Kate are spot-on with what this blog has been trying to say all along! Yay! I hope more and more people can realise what's going on with Kate now.

pinkdiamond611 said...

You know what I don't understand. . .why do some people insist that there are only 20 people in this world who detest Kon? {re comments on the original article site.}

Lulu said...

Gosselin Family resolution: Stop telling LIES.
......what would happen to this family if they dared to be HONEST?