Mady is only living what she has learned.

There has always been a buzz about the behavior of Mady Gosselin, but even more so recently when she was seen in her finest form on Access Hollywood (youtube version) and the CBS News Early Show. However, I don't think Mady's behavior toward Kate can be viewed through the same lens as that of a healthy mother-child relationship.

In a healthy, mature mother-child relationship, the mother is respected because of how she handles the relationship with the child. She earns that respect by modeling respectful behavior toward the child and requiring respectful behavior in return. As a result, the child genuinely wants to treat the mother in the same way in which she feels treated herself. Sure there will be bumps along the way, and even the most respectful of parent will deal with rebellion as children go through the normal phases of development on their way to adulthood. But there will always be that underlying bedrock of mutual love and respect to keep their relationship intact.


Kate Presumes to Give "Advice" to Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman

Moderator's Note: Comments for this blog entry are now closed, but you may continue discussing Nadya Suleman at our new sister site Suleman Without Pity.


While GWoP is a blog for discussion of the Gosselin family, Kate has alreaady given several interviews regarding the recent birth of octuplets in California. People are commenting on these interviews, and the octuplet birth in general, so we are setting up this thread for those comments. Please post your comments on the octuplets and on Kate's various interviews to this blog entry rather than to this week's "Free Discussion" blog entry.

As provided by one of our readers (Denise L):

A simple internet search reveals that the woman's name is Nadya Suleman, age 33. She does live with her parents and might be divorced as she is listed with a previous name of "Gutierrez." I looked it up on and confirmed it on white Her dad and mom's names are Angela and Ed Suleman and they live in Whittier. There are two addresses for them in Whittier and one must be the new palace for them, their daughter, the new high priestess of HOMs, and the poor HOMs themselves. What is this? This is like puppy mills for humans.

The link to some of the interviews are:

Access Hollywood Now on youtube.
CBS News Early Show


The Magic Fish

Blog entry created from comment submitted by boyscoutmomx5.

When I was a little girl I had read a book that reminds me of Kate and Jon. The book was about a poor fisher man and his wife. The man was fishing and had caught a magical fish that gave him wishes. I changed the names but the book might go just a little like this if it was written about KON;

One day a poor man named Jon went fishing to feed himself and his wife. After a long day with no fish to speak of and about to give up, Jon caught a beautiful fish. The fish cried out, "Please have mercy on me and let me go." Jon was surprised and did just that. When Jon got home that night he told his wife Kate about the fish that talked. "Jon you idiot, Kate screamed, that was a magic fish and he would have granted you a wish. HELLO, you are so stupid." Jon thought about this and knew it to be true, after all he was just a poor man and knew no better. Kate told him to go back the next day and recatch the magic fish and tell the fish to give them so children, twins to be exact, so they each could have a child.


Free Discussion 1/30 - 2/5

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The New House Recap

Jon and Kate move their road show out of sub-division hell in Elizabethtown to the wide open spaces of rural Wernersville. How long will it take Kate and her Q-tip to scrub the filthy new abode? Does she really own everything she can see? How much square footage is necessary for Jon and Kate to confuse disbursement with parenting? Stay tuned......

Submitted by Three Farmers

Toddlers and Tiaras

We have a new site for the television show Toddlers and Tiaras which will debut Tuesday, January 27th at 10 p.m. Eastern time on TLC. You can find the site on our sidebar, and don't forget our Duggars Without Pity site, also on the sidebar.

The New House, Monday, January 26

After hearing about the new house, the eager Gosselin kids get to see what their soon-to-be new home looks like before moving day, but will they share the same enthusiasm for the new house as Jon and Kate?

30 minutes

A Real Estate Story - Kate Shows Her Old House to a Potential Buyer

Based on a suggestion in the "old house on the market" posts....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[Nicely dressed couple comes to front door of a generically attractive home in the PA suburbs.]

Oh. Hi. I'm, um, well, you know who I am, right? I am supermom, Kate Gosselin. I'm glad you came to see this house, because anyone would, um, be fantabulously lucky to live here. After all, you'd, um, be living in a house that was on TV. On TLC, Mondays at 9 eastern. Year round new episodes, because the show is our, um, life and our life is the show.

Well, um, anyhow, here's the living room. It's too small for my family. We, um, have 8 kids. Yes, EIGHT kids. And I had 6 of them all at one time. Just a tip, if you, um, have a super uterus, you can, um, have kids who are marketable too. It's a great way to live without having an actual job.

And, um, here's the kitchen. It would be perfect for you unless you are, um, famous, and need space to think and cook soup, and make up sandwich recipies. Because, um, if you have a camera crew in here, it's disasterously small feeling. What was that? Oh, the lights? Well, they add amazingly to the, um, you know, value of the house. They are awesome lights if you want to film your kids screaming, eating, hitting each other, and crying while you, um, yell at your husband to move out of your way. But we love each other, and will be together forever.

This is my most fabulousness laundry room. I hate laundry, because getting the, um, stains out of clothes is so very very horrifically horrible. And if there are stains, the value of the, um, free clothing drops drastronomically when you try to sell it for a profit. Whiuch we, um, were occasionally awesome enough to give to help others, like, um cancer kids. Because they have, um, a hard time, and we are givers. I gave them copies of my, um, book too! But no gum. Gum is NOT OKAY. Especially if a free babysitter gives it to your kids and they get a smear on their free, um, clothes, or their treasurific lovey.

Oh, I almost forgot the most awesome thing about the, um, laundry room. It's a great place to park a kid who's vomitous, because the floor is easy to clean. And if the sick kid has a fever, the floor is, um, nice and cold. To keep the sick kid cool.

Um, here's the closet in the, um, master bedroom. I used to send my husband in here to, um, work. Yes, he worked in here. A lot. Very hard work. With email. And, you don't really need to see the rest of this bedroom and bathroom. Because it would be horrendously horrific if my privacy was somehow, um, violated. Even though I have not lived here in months. I had to have somewhere I could hide from my kids...I, you know, and when I lived, um, here, in this too small house, this was where I, um, hid. It was awesome.

[Couple starts to fidget. Husband looks at wife and mouths, "What the hell?"]

There are some teeny tiny 24' x 12' bedrooms upstairs. One was the, um, gross and icky boy room. And one belonged to the bestest girl ever, my Hannie. We let, um, Leslie. No, Libby. No, let me um....LEAH, that's it! She, um, wasn't a disturber like that awful Alexis, so Leah shared Hannie's room. Um, what? Where did Alexis the disturber sleep? In the basement, because she, um, totally liked it down there all alone. It was awesome. So if you have a noisy, um, disturber, you can lock her down there to sleep. Which we really, um, only did that one time. Really. And she thought she was, um, a bat.

And yeah, um, there's a bathroom, where we let people film the kids taking baths all the time, until they were able to write out a notorious, notificated, um, OFFICIAL requesting of privacy. We also used to film them going potty, but all the, um, rumors about not emptying the potties promptifiedly are, um, false. Just like everything else about us that we don't, um, say ourselves. Did I mention the awesome new floors throughouted the house?

There's an attic, with a very pink bedroom we had our older girls sleep in. They used to be, um, really cute, but then they got kind of grumpied and sullen. I think they were jealous of how I wrote a book. And another book, and then a cookbook! The loud one has braces now, and they both get teased at school, for some, um, bewilderable reason.

We, um, also have a backyard, with an adorableness filled deck. We got our picture taken on this deck once. For some, um, magazine. It was awesome. Although, there was some whining about being hot. I thought when kids were 4 or so they would be better at having fun living their lives, and not, um, complain so much during their funnest work. Because the show is our lives, you know. Oh, yeah, there's a playset. We never used it much, because the kids stayed cleaner playing on the front driveway. And they didn't want to run around in the grass anyhow. I raised them to, um, avoid getting dirty. Because being clean is awesome. And adds value to all their old clothes.

So, that's it. A way too small house for ME, but I bet you would love it, especiaticularly since you are a giganormous fan of my show, Jon and Kate plus 8. Um, any questions? Great, so, um, when can you have the check for me? After all, we live hand to mouth, and, um, clip lots of coupons. The little girls do it for me. Because boys are yucky, and, um, the big girls suddenly don't like to pretend to be money savering.

[Couple looking at house were glazed over with boredom, now looking panicked.]

Hello? HELLO! I am standing here with my, um, hand out, can you not see me? Where is my full asking price check? We will let you have the old coffee cup, the hair clips, and the randomnestic notes and papers if you can pay us today. If you ask me nicely, I might even toss in a picture of myself and my kids and husband for free. That's, um, a $20 value, you know!

[Couple sprints back to their car, and screeches away.]

I am calling the realtoress. She needs to find better sheeple to look at this house. I am exhausted. Exhausted!

Jon? I need coffee and a nap, right NOW!

Submitted by chick.

Free Discussion 1/23 - 1/29

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The Old House Has Hit the Market

The Etown house is listed for sale.

All You Wanted to Know Recap

Last week we were treated to a sequel.... Gosselins Go to the Dentist II. This week it’s only fitting that we get another redux.... Questions and Answers, Part 3. Or is it Part 4? Part 17? I’ve lost track at this point, and honestly, I’m fairly certain it doesn’t really matter. In the grand traditions of sequels and remakes, this one failed to live up to the original and adding a brand new cast of characters does nothing to help it’s cause. And cue film!

TLC's Stay-at-home Mom (Kate) is in actuality never home.

In a statement last October, TLC attempted to justify the constant filming and exploitation of eight minor chidren's lives on Jon and Kate Plus 8 by saying ""Because of the show, the kids and the family have economic security and the luxury of a mom who can stay at home and raise them." GWOP's response to their statement on 10-19-08, pointed out that Kate and Jon in actuality leave the children all the time. It stated: "We believe that because of the show, Kate is spending even less time with the children than she would have if she worked a day job. Episode after episode, in addition to their speaking schedule, has confirmed that Kate, as well as Jon, leave these children on a regular basis for days at a time." Moreover in the episode All You Want to Know which aired 1-19-09, Kate tellingly described how much time she spends away from her kids working on the show, which include "the background scheduling ... interviews, the e-mails, the conference calls, the phone calls, the phone meetings, the in person meetings, the magazine article shoots ... phone interviews" which in her words add up to "horrendously more than 40 hours a week" and disturbingly, does not even include time spent "writing books, traveling and speaking." TLC insists that this show is okay because Kate gets to stay home. Regardless whether Kate stays home or not, I don't believe this show is healthy for the children. But the reality is that Kate is gone from her home and her children on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. And even if she is home, she is obviously too busy with interviews and phone calls to pay attention to her kids. Below is a compilation of Kate's publicity schedule of just the past several months I've put together that demonstrates just how often this stay-at-home mom ISN'T home.TLC, would you like to explain how doing the show has allowed Kate to be more involved in her children's lives? Because from what I can discern here, not only are the children subjected to having their private lives put on display for millions of strangers to view, but they are also without a mother at home much of the time now.

October 6 Shilling for Kmart Layaway Program NYC (K)
October 8-11 Southern Orlando Women's Show Orlando, FL (J&K)
October 16 GMA & Fox & Friends Appearance NYC (J&K+8)
November 14-15 PA/DE Women of Purpose Conference Hershey, PA (K)
November 28 P&G Coupon Store Opening NYC (K)
December 10 Rivertown Mall, Grandville, MI (K)
December 12 Shuler Books Lansing, MI (K)
December 18 Hackman's Bible Store, Allentown, PA (K)
January 10-11 First Assembly of God Church Marcy, NY (K)
January 12? Utah Trip (J&Cara)
January 13 Coffee with Kate at Seacoast Church Mt. Pleasant, SC (K)
January 15 Northwoods Mall N. Charleston, SC (K)
January 22 Ladies' Night Out Houston, TX (K)
January 31 Sovereign Performing Arts Center Reading, PA (Jon)
January 31-Feb. 1 Willow Creek Plum Grove, IL (K)
February 4 Indianapolis Home Show (K)

submitted by Dew

How Much Is Enough?

When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first aired as Surviving Twins and Sextuplets and the follow up a year later, we saw a family with eight small children and years and years of bills ahead of them. It wasn’t hard for any of us to wonder how they would pay for the basics that they needed. Food, shelter, clothing, and the basic everyday needs of life add up for all of us. Few of us could imagine life in a family with two working parents and all those little kids. The daily schedule, the stress, the bills, well it was hard to begrudge Jon and Kate for allowing two one hour specials to be made. Heck, most of us could probably say that, at that time, we probably would have made the same decision. continue

Free Discussion 1/16 -1/22

For discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a more appropriate thread.

Does Kate See How Very Fortunate They Are?

Compare this family to the Gosselins.

Info from Emm's Mom.

More on Jon in Utah

Possibly Jon Gosselin bought a condo in Utah:
TLC dad at home on local slopes

Jon Gosselin talks about Kate plus his eight kids and their TV show

Thank you, Kay.

Original interview is here.

How is Kate as a Spokesperson?

This updated opinion piece makes it officiaI. Its official: Kate Gosselin is the worst spokeperson of all time.

This is the previous article about question Kate as a spokesperson.
Opinion: Kate Gosselin, Most Polarizing Spokesperson Ever?

Thanks Pepperpot

Something We've Been Wanting

Hi all- It's been a pleasure reading your thoughts on the show, and I hope you'll be pleased to know that yes, the media listens.

I'm a writer on assignment to investigate many of your concerns for publication in a major magazine. This will be a longer article than others on the subject and far more in depth than those published before. I'm also in contact with Paul Petersen with A Minor Consideration and others who are also investigating this show. Serena has spoken to my editor and can confirm that I am a legitimate journalist on assignment.

Here's where you come in: I need to substantiate many claims made about the show and the Gosselins in order to publish them. I'm looking for legitimate leads who can help me do that. Please contact me at if any of these apply to you:

1. you know the Gosselins personally or have met them in some circumstance
2. you've attended any of their book signings or speaking engagements
3. you live/lived in Elizabethtown, Mt. Joy, Wernersville, the greater Reading area, etc.
4. you booked or attempted to book the Gosselins for a speaking engagement
5. you have been on the show or know someone who has been on the show

I'm looking for real human beings who can help with my reporting. You WILL NOT be quoted from (unless you choose to be).

Thank you!

Note from Serena: Yes, I did speak with the Articles Editor at this magazine to confirm the legitimacy of this request, as well as communicate with Jess. This is something we've all been wanting -- a piece by the mainstream media that is NOT the usual fluff, that is not engineered by the Gosselin PR machine, and that shifts the focus to the problem of child exploitation in the Reality TV market and the lack of legislation to protect minors working in it.

If you have any of the information being requested please contact Jess at the email address provided above. (Jess is currently working free-lance, for those of you wondering about the gmail address.) Also, we will not be revealing the name of the magazine at this time.

All Smiles Recap

What’s more exciting than watching other people’s kids at the dentist? Why, watching them a second time of course! Will someone cry? Will Kate be rude to the office staff? Will it be incredibly obvious that this episode was taped ages ago and we’re seeing it now to hide the new house? Let's find out!

Kate talks God.

We became aware of this article today in link. It sheds an interesting light on things.

The Gosselins and God

I know mentioning religion can be a very touchy subject but I have to say that people like Kate are the type who turn me off to religion.

I was watching a program once where someone made a statement I thought was so true.
They said: "people who constantly say things that happen in their life are ‘God's will’ are people who don't want to take responsibility for their actions"

This is, in my opinion, exactly what Kate is doing. Everything they have done is God's will. Since God is apparently responsible for the show that is exploiting the children then if the children are made fun of by their classmates or end up with emotional problems they have no one to blame but God.

I also feel that from here on in Jon and Kate are going to use religion to extend their income. I believe that with all the controversy going on they see that the end could be near. In order to keep things going longer they are now going to focus more on religion. They know that if they go to churches for their speaking engagements and use God in every other sentence they will have a loyal following.

I am assuming, like so many other viewers, that they are not close to family or friends any longer. In my opinion, when the show ends and the money stops coming in, they will decide that they want them back in their lives. I think they will again use religion as a means to get back the good graces of others. They will ask for forgiveness from all those they pushed aside, for example, the volunteers from the church congregation and of course, they will be forgiven, because that is what the congregation is told to do.

My comments are not meant as a discussion on religion itself but the way some people use it to their advantage.

If the show ends, don’t worry about the Gosselins. All will be forgiven!

Submitted by Annie

All Smiles, January 12

The sextuplets visit the dentist for another cleaning and check up. Will they all remain calm in the chair or will there be a repeat of prior checkups? Also, Mady and Cara visit the orthodontist for the first time to find out if they both need braces.

30 minutes

When Should or Will the Show End?

When do you think the show will end? I know many of us think it should end now, but when do you think the time will be when either the Gosselins or TLC will pull the plug?

A New Article from the Reading Eagle

Should kids grow up in front of the cameras? This reporter has his own idea.


Free Discussion 1/9 - 1/15

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Thanks to all the readers, writers, and commenters.

Two million and counting.

Soup and a Surprise Recap

On this episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8! The Soup Nazi comes to PA! Will there be soup for you? We shall see.


Submitted by Dew

Interesting Discussion - Opie and Anthony

Here and here.

All You Wanted to Know

Jon and Kate have a new episode coming up - All You Wanted to Know where people had to sign a waiver to even submit a question. They've already had a Frequently Asked Questions episode and two viewer question episodes. Do you still have questions that they haven't been asked? I know some of the answers haven't been exactly full explanations either. What questions do you want to be answered by Jon and Kate?

Soup and a Surprise, Monday, January 5

With such a large family, Jon and Kate always plan for ways to save money and time. On this day, Kate plans to make lots of soup to freeze for the upcoming winter season, but the day doesn't quite go as she expected.

30 minutes

Parenting Examiner Resolutions for Kate

The website is in free discussion, but warrants special notice.

Free Discussion 1/2-1/8

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Gosselin Family Resolutions

What resolutions would you have for the Gosselin family?

Jon and Kate are "Spent"

The Washington Post what's in and out list has Jon and Kate on the out.

From Barb.