Twins Play Mommy, December 8

Monday, December 8. The twins are excited when Jon and Kate give them an opportunity to be a mommy to the sextuplets for an entire day. But as they try to guide, feed, and instruct their younger siblings, they soon learn that the grass isn?t always greener on the other side.

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"Multiple Blessings" - Publicity Release

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Reality TV couple delivers 'Multiple Blessings' Zondervan will release on Tuesday, Oct. 14, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets by Kate Gosselin and her husband, Jon—who star in the hit reality TV series Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC.

Kate Gosselin said writing a book was the last thing on their minds after they found they were pregnant with sextuplets, just three years after giving birth to twin daughters. "Soon after (the sextuplets) were born, people said, 'Oh you need to write a book,' " Kate Gosselin told Christian Retailing. "I remember for the longest time my joke was, 'Yeah, in my spare time, right?' … But after a while of living it, it kind of felt like we were living a book."

Beth Carson, the couple's friend, offered to help them "capture the memories on paper" of their unique family situation. "I had told her (Carson) numerous times that I needed to write this book ... for the kids," Gosselin explained. "I need them to know how much that they were wanted, loved and know it wasn't the plan we had (to have them). It was the plan God had for our family."

Co-written by Carson, Multiple Blessings reveals details of the couple's journey as they raise their eight children, while striving to honor Christ in spite of emotional, financial, social and physical exhaustion.

"There was really no story to tell if you minus God and His plans out of it," Gosselin said. "So it's very important to tell it the way it was, the lessons we have learned and are still learning through our story."

Zondervan has no book tour plans for the Gosselins, but the couple plans to promote Multiple Blessings as they speak in churches—a ministry that has increased with the growing popularity of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Gosselin said.

The Gosselins were scheduled to appear Oct. 16 on Good Morning America and Oct. 17 on Fox & Friends. The November issue of Good Housekeeping will feature the Gosselins on the cover as well as an excerpt from Multiple Blessings. Ladies Home Journal was to feature the book in this month's issue, and Redbook will have a story on the book in its December issue.