Kate's Next Proposed Opus

Eight Little Faces or child exploitation in one easy to purchase volume.

The O'Reilly Factor

He's scheduled to have an interview with Paul Peterson be shown at 5 and 8 tonight. If anyone watches please let us know if the Gosselins are discussed.

That Christmas Card Moment

I used to be a loyal viewer of Jon and Kate. There was something comforting about seeing other people having to do the same mundane tasks that every parent does, but with a greater number of children. I stopped watching, when the show became an infomercial for various resorts around the country and demonstrations of the latest toys. I couldn’t resist watching the latest “vow renewal” episode, since TLC hyped the show, with glossy slow-motion filming and a new pull-at-your-heartstrings song, but the episode fell flat.

I actually feel sorry for Kate. She seems to live her life, as a series of photo-ops. As long as she has the beautiful 8x10 of her family in impeccable, carefully chosen clothing, she doesn’t care if anyone is actually enjoying themselves or having a good life. You can see the glee on her face, as the family lines up for the “one big photo” or is forced to do the canned events that in her mind constitute a “perfect family”; oblivious to the looks of disdain on everyone else’s face. I think these photos and staged moments are how she justifies her choices. The problem is she is forcing her family to dress-up and sit for the “Christmas card photo,” every day of their life.

How sad that such a beautiful ceremony would only be witnessed by strangers; including the strangers that posed as “family.” The Bible verses on the cake, the flowing gown, and the perfectly painted fingernails do not make the “perfect wedding.” The top hat, the caroling, and the gingerbread nativity do not make the “perfect Christmas.” Kindness, Love, Respect, and Sincerity are the only components you need for a “perfect day.” If only Kate would write that on a 3x5 note card to hang on her cabinet.

Submitted by Ll774