Free Discussion 12/4 to 12/11 and Question and Answers

To corral the comments that are popping up that people are saying I don't know where to put this or are off topic for the other posts, here is a spot. Also we've seen quite a few questions lately, so put those here also.

I'll start. One question came through today asking if we had plans to convert the blog to a board. We don't at this time as I don't think direct conversion is possible and none of the admins/mods is up to handling both a board and a blog at this time. I'm sorry that sometimes it's tough to keep up with where you were last time, but right now this is what we can handle.

Tups Turn 50

Lt Gov Knoll remarks...I try to picture 46 years from now when Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel will get together for their 50th birthday party. There will be more candles at that event than there were at the Vatican a few weeks ago. It will look like the runway lights have been turned on at an airport."

Submitted by scaryskiernj