Keeping the Sextuplets "Toddlers" is Savvy Marketing

I’ve read so many comments and observations here from people that question why the sextuplets still wear bibs and sit in high chairs as well as the baby talk that is encouraged instead of corrected.

It’s really quite simple: Smart marketing.

History in the entertainment industry has shown us that once child stars get older that the cuteness is gone and no longer profitable.

Keeping the sextuplets from growing up is making the Gosselins and everyone connected with the show in the business of making money.

What will happen to the show if the sextuplets were allowed and encouraged to develop and mature normally? It would be cancelled and the Gosselins and producers surely must know that.

Seeing almost-5 year old children still talking like toddlers, wearing bibs and sitting in high chairs keeps the illusion of the cute little tykes afloat. As long as the illusion is there, the money making will continue.

It isn’t bad parenting that is keeping them behind in their growth or maturity levels, it’s smart marketing.

Submitted by Kris