Gosselins VS Other Reality Shows and Families

We've been getting a lot of comments about the Gosselins vs other reality families (Duggars, Roloffs, Hayes, Harris, etc.) plus one of our friends wrote the piece below. Please post all your future comparisons here. Those that wander into other posts are subject to be rejected now that they have a home. This is intended to be a blog about the Gosselins not every other reality family and we decided that we would open this one spot since there seems to be a desire for it. Also, we won't be responding to emails comparing the families. Thanks!

Here's the difference between the freebies the Roloffs get and the freebies the Gosselins get, and why I don't have a problem with the freebies the Roloffs get.

1. The Roloffs don't ask for it, hint for it, in any way whatsoever. The Gosselins practically beg.

2. Freebies haven't changed the Roloffs. They are still the same good people they were the first special ever made. The Gosselins have just gotten worse.

3. The Roloffs have always been so appreciative of anything they've ever been given.

4. The Roloffs do not live off freebies. Amy works, Matt works, the children work and pull their weight. The Gosselins live their lives around freebies. The Roloff's story about overcoming what is a real disability actually IS inspirational when they go on limited speaking engagements, and they had been doing speaking engagements about dwarfism even before this show began.

5. The Roloffs stay home most of the time like little old men and women. There have only been a few episodes about trips, and rarely in any kind of VIP excess. They have almost certainly turned down countless freebies. The Gosselins: "Who are we to say no?"

6. The Roloffs give back. Matt has his own charity. The Gosselins do not give back.

Contributed by Dew.