Now THAT'S Impressive!

Man, I just can’t get enough of this place! Stunning, indeed.

I can almost picture the Gosselin kids sledding through the snow in that massive backyard. Little Aaden could have all kinds of animals housed in that barn to keep him delightfully occupied. That pool! They couldn't possibly keep Cara and Mady out of it!

Would you get a load of that driveway? That driveway looks like it was MADE to be the perfect spot for Kate to plant her four dollar white plastic lawn chair at the top of that big old hill and survey her little Queendom, high above the residents of Berks County, just where she belongs.

Wow. Just, wow. They really should look into it.

Want a closer look? Sure you do...

House slideshow here.

Katie Irene on the Bonnie Hunt Show- Oct 28th

Kate is taking time out from being EXHAUSTED to shill on Bonnie Hunt's show. Tell us how you feel about it!