SEVEN potties! That MIGHT cover it.

Why would the Gosselins want to move to North Carolina when there are simply gorgeous properties like this located right in Pennsylvania that could be perfectly suitable for them?

"Incredible homestead on 24 acres. Top of the line Craft Maid kitchen w/viking stove & Subzero ref.,cherry floors throughout first floor. Beautiful views,privacy and great entertaining areas. Lower level finished w/fireplace and bath. 24,000 gal. Carlton pool w/hot tub. First floor owners suite app. 800 sq.ft. 10 fenced acres, 4 stall bank barn with new siding, roof, electric & water. In-law or caretaker suite w/kit., BR, LR, BA 800 sq. ft add. Sep. heat and security. **Land is "NOT" able to be sub-divided"!"

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Here, I just don’t want anyone to miss taking a gander at this lovely home.

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Being Grateful

I wish she would just take a moment and look around.... I will try not to repeat what has been said a million times on here, but I feel the need after watching this show for the last 4 seasons, to get something off my back and off my mind.

I really wish that Kate Gosselin would take a moment to breathe, look around, and appreciate the little world she has created for herself. Yes, she has mentioned in brief little moments her thanks for this or that. But I don't think that she is really truly taking the time to realize how great she has it. As much as this woman disturbs the crap out of me, I honestly don't think that her intentions in the beginning were to live off the exploitation of her family or to throw the world's biggest pity party for having so many children.

However, I do think that, slowly, over time, everything just simply went to her head. Just like some people are pre-programmed all along to become drug addicts, and are just waiting for that first hit to send them off into the land of addiction. Some people, like Kate, are just pre-programmed to let themselves become completely engulfed in a life of fame, and cannot stop themselves from wanting more and more once they have gotten a taste of the good life. We see this all the time in celebrities. Once they see what their fame can give them, they expect nothing less. They now see themselves as above everyone else and literally believe that they DESERVE all the things given to them.

We clearly see that in Kate. We witness it all the time... how deserving she thinks she is. I honestly think she has become addicted to getting things handed to her, whether it be from do gooders with a big heart, or corporations who see the benifit of seeing the Gosselin kids using/playing with their products on a popular TV show.

Kate is now living like a kid in a candy store. She sees something she wants, or a trip she wants to take, and BAM... she knows exactly how to get it for free now. It's become very simple to her and I think the idea of all of this one day coming to an end is frightening. And that is why she cannot bring herself to end this show, no matter what kind of problems it may be causing for her children. Just like a junkie will put drugs before their kids, Kate is putting her hunger for more and more material things in front of her children's happiness.

And for two parents who do not work and who have accumulated all this wealth from the show, you'd think that they would be doing a lot more good for others. Maybe just pay it forward to families in the same situation as theirs. I mean we all know that she isn't the only woman in the world with a lot of kids, or with several sets of multiples, and it saddens me to see that she is the only one who gets such major benifits because of it. I think it would be awesome to see her help out those other families by either giving them some of her freebies or by giving those parents one of their free vacations.

I am a parent of one child, and my husband and I have struggled for a very very long time and never seem to be getting any further. I won't go into detail of our situation cause I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself. But the people around me and in my life have helped us out as best as they can (whether it be by helping us buy groceries once in a while, or giving my child hand me down clothes). It's not free vacations and it's not clothes from Gymboree, but am I ever thankful for every single bit of it. And, to tell you the truth, I could not even begin to live with myself if I didn't try to pay it forward in some way. If I can volunteer at a shelter's kitchen, donate what I can to charity, or watch someone's kid so their parents can look for a job, then Kate and Jon Gosselin can do SOMETHING too to give back for all they have recieved. And I really hope that one day they see that they don't need so much useless material things in order to be happy, and that Kate doesn't have to put on this show of perfect, spotless, high fashion wearing children in order to prove something to the world. No mother is perfect, and recognizing your faults as a mother is what helps you grow to be a better one.

Kate and Jon, please just look at the world we are living in and the people around you. It's not so easy for everyone, and the day you accept that you and your family can be happy just loving each other, being silly together, and just being yourselves will be the day you find true happiness.

Written by Sasha