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"Mr. Mom" Recap

Submitted by ThreeFarmers

The Gosselins throw a monkey munch wrench into their strict ideas of hot, organic, whole wheat gender rolls when Kate leaves for “work” and Jon is left alone with the children for three days. What sort of madcap mayhem will ensue? We’ll find out on this episode of Jon & Kate + 8. (continued)

Birthday Musings

My birthday? I slept very late, so did my husband. Opened my gifts: Jo Malone orange blossom cologne and a Cuisinart combination blender/food processor. I nearly fainted over both! Husband made me a cappuccino while I spoke to my mom and sister on the phone. We spent the day relaxing, eating, watching true crime shows. Then I ran to Target for random junk we needed for the house. Husband is making me a special supper tonight.

I tell you all this because the Gosselin kids have been on my mind a lot today.

As I was driving home from Target, I was thinking about what a wonderful relaxing day it has been. My favorite kind of birthday. If it were my last birthday on this earth, I would be content with the kind of day it has been.

I realized why I enjoyed today so much: it was unplanned, leisurely, entirely at our own pace. We did what we liked, when we liked. I could just relax and just be ME: 38 years old ME. I could throw my hair up in a bun and run out to Target and not have to worry about anyone seeing me. (But oh, do I smell good!)

We'll relax and have a lovely dinner tonight. I didn't have to nag and cajole my husband into making me a birthday supper. He didn't make a big production out of getting the groceries for it.

And that is what the Gosselin children are being deprived of: the joys of being a Private Citizen. Anyone who ever dreams of fame and stardom would do well to remember how much we all take being "private" for granted. It's one hell of a trade-off, even when you are an adult and capable of making the decision to make that trade for yourself. Kids don't have that privilege when their parents are money-grubbing famewhores with a taste for free ski trips to Utah and weekly visits to the spa.

You know what? That's a damned crying shame, the life those kids are leading, the life that was thrust upon them. I contrast my wonderful 38th today with the "Smile! Smile for the cameras! Smile, dammit!" birthdays the tups and twins have had to endure ever since Lord and Lady Cha-Ching realized that the GimmeGimme train was in their A, B, C, D, E, F, and G station.

This Private Citizen will tell Kate Gosselin to her face that there ain't no way the way those kids are being forced to live is any better. Give me my anonymous trip to Target and a private dinner for just my husband and me ANY day.

Submitted by Thalia Menninger