Where Jon and Kate Have Gone Wrong

Where Jon and Kate have gone wrong....Thinking they have cornered the market on sacrifice, pain, frustration, and struggle. They're no different from any other family, and I find it simultaneously laughable and infuriating that they somehow think they are special.

I may not have eight children, but I am a single parent to one little girl. Guess what? That is hard, stressful, sad at times, and frustrating too. No one said parenting was easy, regardless of how many kids you have or what your situation is: rich or poor, one parent or two, straight parents or gay, old parents or young. I LOVE my daughter. I enjoy her for who she is. Exactly who she is. Not a cookie-cutter, GAP ad version of who she is. Messy, clean, happy, sad, "meltdown", et cetera, I love her all along the way.Kate and Jon certainly seem, at least as far as the cameras capture, to be "I love you because I have to" parents. They need to become "I love you because you are you" parents.

That is my most valuable parenting advice. Love your children for who and what they are. It is clear from watching the show that they do not.

From a 24 year old single mother, who did not expect to have a baby, did not know anything about children prior to actually having one, who loves her daughter more than the sky and earth and land and sea, love your children for who they are, and PROTECT THEM.When I tune into that horrible program (which I am less likely to do these days because I feel sick after watching), all I see are two stressed out, selfish, mean-spirited parents playing to the cameras, and I see eight children who, while they are certainly not lacking in material possessions, trips, and "experiences,"are missing out dearly on what matters most, and that is a solid, secure home and supportive LOVING parents. Jon and Kate are just phoning it in at this point. Going through the motions is not effective parenting and I really could not care less what they or anybody else has to say in their defense. They have chosen this for themselves, and thrust themselves into the spotlight, so they deserve every word of criticism sent their way.

Yes, parenting is HARD WORK. Most of us do not have the luxury of freebies, trips, and "love offerings." Most of us would not exploit our children for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Submitted by DasMaedchen