Kate, How do You Sleep at Night?

I began to think about this last night as I struggled with my own bought of insomnia. I realize Jon is certainly an avid participant on the greed wagon, but from my perspective I see you, Kate as the driving force of this whole debacle. Kate, you have done nothing to contribute to society or make this world a better place. In fact, neither you or your husband work to support your own children. You chose this path. You chose to use fertility methods with increased odds of high order multiples. Instead of working to support the family you created, you have parlayed your children’s private moments into a lucrative lifestyle of your own by throwing them into the world of reality television. What about the “love offerings” you gather at churches? You claim to be “Christian”, yet you have the audacity to take money literally stuffed into buckets called “love offerings” from people who are living lifestyles far more simple than yours. Have you ever thought of the people who are giving you these love offerings? They are more likely than not your average American family struggling to pay their own bills in this economy. Why do you not tell them the truth about your good fortune? Why do you not tell the truth that college funds were in fact created by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the sextuplets? Why do you lie to them? Do you ever wonder while you lie awake at night if perhaps a family gave to you that did not have an excess to give because they believe your lies? It was not your faith or your god who chose you to be a mother of eight. Do you really think parents like the Baileys (who were also featured on TLC with a sextuplet pregnancy) wanted their babies any less? Do you think they lost two of their babies because they had less faith or fortitude than you? It was fertility treatments and then chance and only chance that led to the successful birth of your sextuplets. Why couldn’t you just be thankful for the lives of your children? Why couldn’t you just be thankful they were all healthy? Why couldn’t you be thankful for what was offered by your overwhelmingly generous community? When did your joy turn to greed and, as also discussed on this board, entitlement? Do you sleep better at night knowing your children had six matching cribs instead of the ones originally donated out of love? Do you sleep better at night knowing that fabric from Wal-Mart has never touched their skin? Are you proud of yourself when you walk out of Gymboree with bags filled with clothing that you haven’t paid for, haven’t worked for, and haven’t earned? Do you sleep well at night knowing that the show you sought for financial gain has shown your precious children at their most private moments (including nudity) for anyone to view as long as the internet exists? Are those trips to the spa actually relaxing when they have been paid for at the expense of your children’s privacy and dignity? Do you sleep well on all of your luxurious vacations knowing it has once again been paid for by the hard work of your children? Make no mistake Kate, those children are working. The camera does not lie. They are not having fun. They are not enjoying being raised in a studio that doubles as a home. Do you sleep well knowing that the kids are missing Aunt Jodi, Uncle Kevin and their cousins? Do you sleep well knowing that you allowed your children to love Beth, Bob and their kids and then cut them off as well? Really Kate, how do you sleep?

Submitted by Jennifer, mommy of two