A False Sense of Entitlement

As I was catching up on reading about the Gosselins last weekend, I noticed that many have replied to posts on various sites asking why some people are so bothered by Kate, Jon, or whoever on the show. I decided that it was time to clear my head and voice what makes me cringe, at the risk of being criticized for my opinion...you all are welcome at your leisure.

I guess what gets me the most is the blatant lack of appreciation, the false sense of entitlement, and the always getting and not ever doing. And you know what? I'm not sure who is to blame for that. I believe that this is nothing new for many, many people. As a society, people have grown to expect things rather than earning them.

I taught a college course last year at a state university. I found that many of my students believed they were entitled to a good grade despite the quality of work that was turned in. And when they were handed their earned grade, not the "entitled" grade, you know what would happen? The begging and pleading would start. And when I said "no", then mommy and daddy were on my phone expecting to help their sense of "entitled" offspring get the grade they wanted. I would simply say that they were no longer in high school and I was unable to discuss their 18+ year old adult's (not child's) grades with them...they LOVED that. But, for many, I hope it was a wake-up call that maybe, just maybe, some of the values they had programmed into their children were not necessarily for hard work. Now, was this the case with all my students? Absolutely not. But it was a trend for myself and many other teachers in the department.

The comments made on the weekly chosen forum that is Jon and Kate Plus 8 are eerily familiar to my students' comments from the past. It is as if J&K left post-adolescence without learning the lessons of independence, hard work, and earned achievement. Instead, they have found themselves dependent on volunteers, family which has since found the error of their ways, and finally a television network that formed a financially glorifying dual relationship. And I can't stand that Jon and Kate still cannot admit that they never have, or never will, be able to do this on their own. I'm not saying they should have to do it alone, but at least stop pretending that's what they're doing just so they don't have to tire themselves to, gasp, say thank you.

They cannot even do family outings alone, as there is either a hired "helper" or a production crew along for the ride. And yet, I take something back. They have said thank you...to the people that have paid them. To the people who have given them what they wanted. What about the people that fell short of their expectations...people like Jodi, Kate's family, or people that volunteered time and money to help a family in need? Nothing...not an ounce. Not even in their first TV special. They simply said that they were happy the volunteers were "gone". Gee, how "grateful".

Maybe it's a personal pet peeve of mine, but I cannot stand a false sense of entitlement. I'm actually contemplating doing my dissertation on the subject of "entitlement" in this sense and its relationship with educational motivation. Because if Jon and Kate were a part of the data for such research, I would imagine their correlation statistic would suggest entitlement up and motivation down.

Submitted by email from Heather

Kate and K Mart

Kate keeps bringing up K Mart and saving money. Is her info helpful? The good news is that it's just Kate and not the kids.

What are these things called "sales" that she was going on and on about? I never heard of such a thing. Gosh, I'm glad Kate Gosselin is there to clue me in to all these new and wondrous money saving tips! Me, I usually look for the most expensive thing because cheaper is NOT better, right?

And making lists and doing things the day BEFORE to stay organized? Why has no one ever written an article about this before or opened a store called, oh, say, The Container Store or Bed, Bath & Beyond or Wal-Mart in which I may purchase different sized plastic receptacles with which to organize various items into?

I've been going to the grocery store and just throwing things willy nilly into the cart. If only I had known of this list making phenomenon, I could get things I actually need. WOW.

From MadMarsha