How Not to Photoshop

Full disclosure - I haven't seen the "Picture Perfect" episode from Monday night yet. So I have no idea how the photography session actually went.

When I first saw the Good Housekeeping cover, I had a good laugh. This picture of a happy family is as manufactured as Jon & Kate Plus 8. (continued)

Episode Recap: 10/10 Say Yes to the Dress

On this episode of Say Yes To The Dress...

Kate Gosselin makes an appearance to get her FREE gown for her upcoming vow renewal ceremony. I’m tickled to learn that there will be other brides featured on the show so I won’t have to listen to Kate bead obsess for the entire half hour. (continued)

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Say Yes to the Dress

Can Kate convince designers to turn two dresses into one?

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Good Housekeeping Article

The new issue has hit the stands. There is also info available online at

Just the Twins....

I know we usually focus on all of the kids, but I got to thinking about the twins this past week. First we heard Kate say that they will continue to do the show as long as the family wants, it makes them stronger as a family, and the kids are happy with it. Just a few days later we learn that Cara and Mady both have had upsetting things said to them at school. Then the real train wreck came.... the Good Housekeeping photo shoot. When does the toll on the twins take precedence over Jon and Kate’s desires? Does it ever?

The tups don’t know any different, obviously not a good thing, but right now they are impacted less than the twins. They don’t remember a time when they weren’t taped a couple times a week, a time when there wasn’t a camera crew standing in their living room, and they probably don’t understand what this all means. At this point in their lives, this is just how their family lives. The twins, on the other hand, know this to be untrue.

It seems that almost every week, we see a very unhappy set of twins. Cara and Mady both are prone to outbursts. Cara almost seems nonexistent in most episodes, sometimes I don’t even remember seeing her at all. According to Kate, she lets things build silently for weeks and then has a meltdown. Mady is, more often than not, voicing her obvious displeasure with the entire scene. She’s either mugging for the camera or lashing out for it to go away. She’s said time and time again that she’s not happy at whatever event or place they’ve dragged the kids to. She just wants to leave and go home. The twins have put up a “no cameras allowed” sign. No matter how you cut it, that’s not right.

The twins know that what’s going on in their lives isn’t the norm. They know that their friends don’t have to wear a mic pack at home or have studio lights in the living room. There’s not a production crew in the kitchen when their friends get off the school bus. Jon and Kate are anything but careful about criticizing the kids, Mady more so than Cara. Do their friends repeat these things? Do the mean kids use Kate’s words to make fun of Mady? When Kate hauls off with a “love tap”, do the kids at school ask why their mom hits their dad? It’s not a stretch to assume that not only are the kids at school watching, they are repeating what they see and hear. Kids question. Kids don’t have that built in sensor to not bring up the embarrassing stuff they see. Kids mock. Kids are mean.

What are the twins getting from all of this? Jon and Kate get perks, their bills paid, all sorts of freebies, and don’t have to go work a real job. The tups get to go places and have people send them stuff in the mail. This is their life as they know it. Unfortunately it seems the twins are getting the short end of the reality show stick. They have to deal with kids at school, they get dragged to places not suited for their age because they have to appear in an episode, and the perks they get lag behind everyone else. We’ve seen them be afterthoughts on more than one occasion. Most of the pictures we see of the kids, one, if not both, of the girls has a sad, defeated look on her face. They get to be mocked and picked on, all so mom and dad never have to work a day in their lives. Two 8 year olds are bearing the brunt of the weight of the show. That doesn’t sit well with me. So why does it with their parents?