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A new post has been made that includes the most recent Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode:

The Chosen One

My kids are avid watchers of this show, but I just finished reading the article in People where they remarried in Hawaii and there were a few things that REALLY bothered me... not bad, but I would urge them to consider a few things. As an only child myself, my biggest regret was not having siblings, and it's not because my parents couldn't give me any, they chose not to. I understand that Jon & Kate both have siblings so they may not understand why I'm saying this. The thing that caught my attention was that they want to "adopt a baby so they can see what its like to have a child that's actually not a duplicate of another."

Coming from an only child, I have this to say... that child they adopt will not be able to relate because it will be "the only one" and I'm pretty sure will be reminded of that on a regular basis, and the others will likely gang up on that poor child simply because of that fact. Also, by putting "the non duplicate" in front of the camera with the rest of the kids, they will be forever reminding this child that they are not a "special duplicated child," especially when they end up releasing the dvd series.

Keep in mind I'm an only child AND a Mother who chose to give my older daughter a sibling before I went thru a horrendous hysterectomy that almost killed me. I am also blessed to be a Godparent to two boys. Jon & Kate seem to have this notion that no child is alike, but I can guarantee you... that child is going to feel left out its entire life. I'm trying to be very polite, but don't think they've even considered the consequences. I think they should consider some MAJOR counseling before taking this step... if I'm not mistaken they've been on Oprah, so maybe Dr Phil can help? Another freebie...

As "Devout Christians," I think they've been handed enough blessings already and their children have been blessed with more opportunities than most children will ever see in an entire lifetime. I'm a firm believer in "If you get one miracle in your life, you're lucky," and because of their eight miracles they should consider themselves EXTREMELY lucky, yet it doesn't seem like its enough unless this is the overall plan to keep the show going as long as possible. And of course these kids can't answer to be, or not to be in front of those cameras, but judging by the look on the 2 oldest faces and their attitudes, it doesn't seem they want anything to do with it (my youngest is the same age). Making excuses for the way they act on camera when they don't want to be on camera is not fooling us that are watching, its fooling themselves.

Hopefully, someday they don't regret what they've done... and, honestly, I would expect my husband to divorce me if I berated him like that on national television, which is the MAIN reason I don't watch it and remind my children every time they do that treating your spouse that way is not right. Please tell me I'm not the only person that looks at it this way!! I would really like to hear what other "only children" think of this.

Submitted by A One and Only Child