Is There A Method To The Madness?

As I sat here and read the latest articles here I think I had an epiphany. What if Jon and Kate are doing everything deliberately? Meaning drawing bad publicity to themselves intentionally. The show had been on for about 2 1/2 years and ratings were staring to dwindle. Then they start to stir up controversy by being talked about by tabloid magazines, bloggers, and whoever else just to get their name out there. Look what happened...Ratings picked up, more episodes are being added to seasons and there are several other shows popping up just like them. (Duggars- 17 and Counting, Bailey Multiples, Harris' Then Came Six.)

Since the bad publicity started they have gotten more freebies then ever. Trips to Hawaii, Disneyland, and more product placement. If there were as many letters going out to such places as Regis and Kelly as people say they are sending then I don't understand why they continue to let them on the show. Oh I is because they probably sky rocketed in the ratings for that show. Nice. Im thinking Jon and Kate really pulled the sheet over our eyes this time. I for one and totally done with this show, no more Youtube videos, Gosselin website. NOTHING. This show no longer exists for me.

Submitted by Kittie