Is or Was Jon a Decent Guy?

Some of you have stated that you think Jon is basically a decent guy who just happened to hook up with a termagant who snatched his pair away. I respectfully disagree. According to those who know Jon's history, he was a mama's boy, so it's likely he never had a pair. I think Katie made him feel he had a pair when she decided on him, and she played the ditz to get him. He must have felt soooo masculine until she got pregnant and let him know who was really in charge.

Some of you believe Jon is basically decent. I doubt that Jon ever was decent, ie, had ethics, because nothing had happened to him to make him face a decision requiring them. I think he had a thin veneer of amiability, but his parents separated when Jon was young. At that point, his mother babied him, and his father threw money at him without throwing in a little discipline or expecting a little responsibility. If Jon had fallen into the wrong crowd, he would have gone along with whatever they did. If, however, he got into trouble, I suspect he would have cried like a baby and want his mommy and daddy to get him out of the mess. Perhaps, in fact, Jon's dislike of Joel's whining is most likely based on déjà vu.

I certainly wouldn't have wanted to date him in college, which was fat chance anyway because he never went to college. You couldn't talk to him about anything because he doesn't know anything. The first time you had a meal together, you'd watch him wrap his arm around his plate, hunch over it and shovel in the food. That would do it because you'd realize this is not someone you can introduce to your friends.

I wouldn't have wanted him for a co-worker because he's unreliable, unmotivated and unintelligent. You'd end up doing his work and yours. His contribution to the company would be to inflate his entry-level, no-experience-required job into something suggesting at least middle management. Moreover, I suspect he's a pouter, and that's the worst flaw of all in a man.

Kon both have been insignificant until they got the tups. Katie was known for being a mean person and Jon for being a dunce. Until he met Katie he was a harmless dunce, but she dragged him down to her level of malice, and he's very happy there. We've seen him how he grabs the children, yanking them along, kicking at them in their plastic cars when they're in his way.

I believe Jon and Kate are a textbook example of folie à deux. Now they are somebody, and the worst traits of both of them are visible to all. Moreover, they're encouraged—these inconsequential life's losers—to believe they're actually worthwhile beings. Pfui!

Submitted by Quince.