Have the Gosselins Given Fertility Treatments a Bad Name?

This post was sent via email by a viewer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Why the Negative Attitude Toward Fertility Treatments? Like many people here I used to be a fan of the show and I respected and admired Jon and Kate for their apparent dedication to their children. A few months ago I began to have doubts about Kate's character (GumGate) which led me to search the internet and eventually brought me here.The lies and deception went much deeper than I ever imagined and now I am just waiting and hoping for the show to be canceled.

That said, many people on this site make very derogatory comments in regards to PCOS, infertility in general and fertility treatments. My husband and I tried for 7 years to start a family and bring home a healthy baby. My premature twins died in my arms with our tears falling on their perfect little hands. We had to bury them before we even saw them smile. Thankfully, we now have a beautiful and healthy toddler that is the center of our world.

Those who have never struggled to conceive or have never lost a child cannot even begin to understand the heartache, grief and stress it causes. When I read people's comments that say or imply things like "It was God's plan for them to be infertile", it makes my blood boil. People with infertilty issues are not any more or less entitled to be parents than the 15 year old girl who gets pregnant or the happy couple with the white picket fence. How a baby is made has nothing to do with parenting skills. Just because Kate is a shrew doesn't mean all people with infertility issues will disregard their childrens wants, needs and rights the way that she does. The stereotypes are just not necessary and really degrade the quality of this site and insult those of us who have had to struggle to build a family.