"I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life."

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I'm from Houston. I haven't had power for a week; still don't have power at home, I do at work. I think this has finally done it for me. Reading your comments about their latest disgusting actions has finally put into perspective how truly horrible these people are.

There are people all around me who worked hard all of their lives, raised their children properly, are fantastic individuals, and are now homeless thanks to the hurricane. There are people who TRULY need clothes, food, money, shelter, etc, who can't get it, and these idiots leech every bit of "free" anything that they can get their grubby little hands on.

Jon and Kate, keep on keepin' on. Enjoy your children's therapy. Enjoy your fleeting material crap. Enjoy your temporary wealth. We have to rebuild, but because we didn't alienate our friends, family, and neighbors, we have people to assist us in doing so. We can chill out after a hard day of putting our lives back together, crack open a cold beer, and chat. You get to bitch, moan, and complain about freebies.

I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life, any day.

To any fellow Texans, Louisianans, or anyone who knows/is related to victims of this hurricane, my heart goes out to you.