Just One More

Just one more child . . .
And then there were eight.
Love should have grown,
but there’s too little, too late.

Just one more child . . .
No safe place to go.
“The show is our life.
Our life is the show.”

Perform for the camera.
Just one more take.
“Just do what you’re told!
There are memories to make!”

Just one more episode . . .
“Pick up the pace!”
Childhood vanishes
without a trace.

Just one more season . . .
Just one more year . . .
Just one more child . . .
Just one more tear . . .

Written by Marina

Try To Remember (with compliments to the Fantastiks)

This is going to be a short post/poll. Please keep your responses short and to the point.

Jon and Kate say that their kids LOVE to travel. They are having so much fun traveling and seeing new places and people. I say that is BS. I don't think those sextuplets know where they are most of the time or why they are there. The twins might be a little "wiser," but that is probably why they appear to be unhappier. The twins know that they are being dragged hither, thither, and yon because of the sextuplets' existence. I did not get the impression at Disney World that the twins remembered anything from the first time they were there -- at the age of three. Do you think the sextuplets remember getting pumpkins or their Christmas tree at the age of 2? I doubt they've gone back and done it again.

Now, here is the question: How much/what do you remember from when you were 2 years old or 3 years old or 4 years old??? Are the Gosselins truly "making memories"? For whom?