Poll Time! Expandable Posts...

We have received a lot of feedback here and there, some in comments, some through direct email, regarding the new format for posting longer posts on Gosselins Without Pity. Some of you like the expandable posts and some of you don’t.

For those not sure of what we are talking about, you will see some shorter posts in their entirety, but the longer posts you will notice a ‘continued…’ link that you have to click be able to read the whole post. It’s those ‘continued’ posts that we are receiving varying opinions on and admittedly, some of our admins like them, some don’t. It’s a pretty vague issue, nothing to get too upset about, but since it is a recurring theme, we thought we would run a poll to get a better grasp on how all of our readers feel about it.

If you have a few minutes in the next few days, we hope you will respond to the poll located in the right sidebar and we will see where that takes us. We’d like to know if you like the expandable option or not and try to have a better understanding of why as to either preference. As always, we appreciate our readers and value your opinions that help us greatly in guiding this work in progress.