How can we miss them if they won't go away?

Reprinted with permission from scsun.

I have come to the conclusion that the defenders of J&K (and note that NO one who knows them personally appears to be among the 'defenders') have one reason for sticking their head in the sand and ignoring the raw, harsh reality of this reality family. I know the reason because I was once there, wondering how and why so many negative things were being said. ...continued

It's a JOB, not an Adventure

Administrative Note: This blog entry was originally published almost three months ago, long before the blog was so busy and had so many readers. Many of you may have missed it at the time. I think it's particularly relevant now that there is a heightened interest in these issues being taken by several different areas of the media.


Some people defend the protracted hours spent by the Gosselin children on the studio set permanently installed in their home by claiming that "they are just living their normal lives and cameras happen to be there". I would like to challenge that.

It is NOT like the children are merely living their normal lives and the cameras just tag along in the background, whirring silently away. Not by a long shot; if that were the case they would never have been able to piece together 30-40 coherent, streamlined episodes this past season. Probably more like 40-50 next season.

It is a production, with a rigorous schedule that must be followed to meet deadlines. There is a crew to coordinate, episode themes to create, scenes planned, staged, and shot. Many things can happen to force re-shoots -- the scene didn't go as required (lighting or sound issues), a child didn't cooperate, production changed their ideas mid-stream and decided to go in a different direction, etc.

Regular viewers often note discrepancies IN scenes and BETWEEN scenes that indicate re-staging of events to get seamless camera angles for example. The children LIVE on a production set. Why do you think there are child labor laws for professional child actors? Child advocates in the industry know full well how stressful it is to be involved in filming a production -- even a so-called "candid" production -- and demanded reasonable working conditions for minors. Conditions that the Gosselin children are denied.

The children don't even get to retreat to their own home for a safe haven -- they have to wait until production decides they have what they need for the day and then clear out. When they have an impacted colon, or a double ear infection, filming must go on because there is that production schedule always, always hanging over their heads.

No, it is far from benign and innocent. Children in situations like this need the same sort of protection that their professional peers have. Obviously they can't rely on their own parents or the production crew to give a damn about their rights. I won't even go into the issue of Coogan Law that doesn't apply here to protect the children's earnings. Do they even get any money? Or does it all line Jon and Kate's pockets? If the children are getting paid, is anyone legally required to shelter it? Nope, and I personally don't trust Jon and Kate to do so.