How Come it is Like it is...

People have been complaining about "positive" comments not being posted and comments by "crazies" getting through.

As previously posted here, we do not condone viciousness or trolling. We really do not care to publish the personal experiences of other people because they had a mother similar to Kate. We try not to let armchair psychologists spout off. Sometimes, unfortunately, these things get through.

Sometimes comments are not approved because they are just repeating something that's been said already -- 10 times. Sometimes comments have no relevance at all to the "conversation."

As for the "crazy" comments, you have absolutely no idea what DOESN'T get through. Sometimes comments do not stand out for their "craziness" until they are placed in context with other comments. (We kind of read the original comment in a void.) Sometimes a moderator has 50 comments at a time to review and, unfortunately, vitriol gets through. That's why we try to go over stuff that's already been posted and, often, second guess each other... and ourselves.

Please keep in mind that: comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators; this is a volunteer effort and we all have other lives; and, sometimes, moderators get tired.

We do try.

If you think some craziness has slipped by us or a thread is heading off into the wilderness, please send us a comment the normal way and address it moderator or send an email to one of the admins listed in contact us. Thank you.