09/01 Comment of the Week: Vote Now!

Voting is now closed -- thank you! Here are the top three winners this week:

First Place: 8. Sera: "I think she needs to do more than just pull the stick out. Pull the whole damn tree out!"

Second Place: 9. Kate Crawford: "So has 'NO FRESH STRAWBERRIES!' become the new 'NO WIRE HANGERS!'?"

Third Place: 12. moi: "Worst mommy award' -- Kate, you're about 20 episodes late on this observation."


Here are the nominations, submitted by readers, for the 09/01/08 Comment of the Week. The Comment of the Week is featured in a link on the sidebar of our home page. Feel free to vote for your top three favorite comments and we will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. ...continued