Episode Recap: Heading South - "Jon & Kate Plus 8" 08/11/08

Leah gets to say “On this episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8”, before the previews start. This is their summer getaway! They’re going to look at property that Jon researched online!

It all started with the two of us … and it ended with a “fertility nightmare”.

The subtitles helpfully say “Day Before Beach Trip”. Oh lordy be, Kate is in uber-packing mode. She has that rigid “I’m stressed and that’s the way I am” look on. She orders people around, but does manage to say please. I will give her credit for that.

Their excuse for the trip is, they had a speaking engagement and didn’t want to leave the kids behind, so they decided this will be their “summer getaway”. Does that mean there will be a “fall getaway”? (Driving to Maine to see the fall colors?) A winter getaway? (So Jon can snowboard?) A spring getaway? (Divorce court?)