"State Treasures" Now Tarnished

Since Jon and Kate Gosselin's sextuplets were born, they have been showered with love, time, volunteers, free food, free trips, free year of taxpayer-paid nursing, free TAP college funds for 8 created for them by the Lt. Governor, and kindness from many many many people and businesses in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Lt. Governor even called the sextuplets "State Treasures". So it was very upsetting to me when on last nights episode of their TV series, TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8, Jon and Kate made disparaging remarks about my great state. Last night's episode showcased their trip through Virginia and North Carolina. They looked at houses and property because apparently they are moving.

The first house (http://tour.circlepix.com/tour.htm?id=591089) is an astounding $1.9 MILLION DOLLARS! They then looked at 12 acres of woodland. Neither were good enough for them. They then went to their NC beach house for their vacation and took a Jeep tour of the beach and climbed a lighthouse. After they came home to Pennsylvania they sat down for the couch interview.

This is the dialogue from the show last night:

"There is so much more to do down there [in North Carolina]!"
"Yeah, what is there to do in PA?"
"Look at silos?"

They acted like Pennsylvania sucked and all there was, was Silos and Farmland, and PA was boring and not good enough for their $1.9 million dollar tastes!

I guess that once they suck Pennsylvania and its citizens dry and treat us like their servants (from reports we've heard), we Pennsylvanians are a little boring. But our state is waiting on pins and needles for you to leave so we can rinse the bad taste from our mouths that having you as a neighbor has caused.

But for all you normal, regular families (those who let the kids have fun and get messy) out there who want a great vacation and fun educational trip I leave you with a few links:


As for Jon and Kate?

Don't let the door hit you!

Submitted for publication via email by PaMom.