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The Truth About the Move

In case you do not keep current with the ongoing Q&A dialogue in this blog entry, here is a reprint of a recent question and answer that you may find of interest, relevant to the Heading South episode that was just aired last night, Monday 08/11/2008:

QUESTION: Did Jon and Kate ever discuss moving out of state with Jodi? I think they are moving out of state because of all the fighting with friends and family, nothing is keeping them in PA anymore. I remember a show a few months ago when they were looking at land in PA, not out of state. It is a major change.

ANSWER: A long time ago (probably close to a year), they were talking about building a house close to Beth.

It's been at least 6-8 months now that they have been talking about building a house in NC. J&K attended a wrap party for Season 3 back in May down at Figure 8. When they returned, Jon said that property had been purchased and all of the sponsors had committed. Everything is being provided including appliances, furnishings, TVs, etc. J&K are not paying for ANYTHING.

They have been showing their house plans to various people. Supposedly, it's going to be 8000sf with a pool and pool house. There will be an area designated for the crew including their own entrance and kitchen.

Moving out of state has nothing to do with fighting with family and friends. That has been going on as long as I have known the family. We believe that in order to get the house of their dreams, the production company has stipulated that it needs to be near them. They have no intention of ending this any time soon.

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