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1. Anonymous [regarding the All Aboard episode]: "
This week, the trainwreck takes place on an actual train!"

2. Elise: "
If they don't make any money from the show, they will say when they are older, 'I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt.'"

3. Anonymous: "Jon finally found his voice - it's been hiding in his pants with his balls."

4. Anonymous: "The show is called 'John and Kate plus Eight' not 'Jon and Kate Plus Hairplugs'."

5. Anonymous: "They are a family in need of counseling and a audit from the IRS."

6. Anonymous: "She's trying to be a celeb and blend, but that '80's punk hair meets the butt of a porcupine' just doesn't do it."

7. Anonymous: "Kate doesn't do baths, Kate doesn't do laundry, Kate doesn't do gas, Kate doesn't drive long distances. Kate doesn't do messes. Kate doesn't change clothes. Kate doesn't do family. Kate doesn't do mornings and on and on and on. Can someone please explain why this woman is considered to be 'Supermom'."

8. F.: "We should come up with t-shirts that pay homage to Kate that say, 'Is your goal to help me?'"

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Gosselin Family Sightings

By popular request from multiple readers, this blog entry has been created to as a place for you to post any real-life sightings of the Gosselin family.

There is a permanent link to it in the sidebar of our home page, so that even when it scrolls off the home page you will be able to locate it quickly.

"My heart took the pictures..."


I don't know if this is correct or not. I'm sending this to you because I've read here that one or more of the Gosselins read your very informative blog. If you think it will be of any benefit and follows your criteria, please post where appropriate.

I am a 58-year-old grandmother. Our precious baby rushed into the arms of God on February 10th, 2008. She was 24 yeas old. Candace left us with her two beautiful daughters, a 3-year-old and her baby that turned one nine days after she became an angel.

The Gosselins explained (paraphrasing) that they were doing the show to document their children's lives. My point, we were the parents that more often than not forgot a camera. Candace was more important than the pictures, although we do have many snapshots. Many, because of family and friends that happened to be there for whatever event she was in that day.

I remember once, Candace questioning me with an attitude of disdain, why was the camera left behind? I felt awful,thinking "How could I forget again?". Later that evening I followed up on her question. My response was, "my heart took the pictures and I'll hold them inside forever". Those pictures mean more to me than anything taken with a camera.

Be very very careful, material things mean nothing without the people. I was a good Mom, however every harsh word or action I regret more than I can begin to put into words. I could list all the inappropriate behaviors I see for 22 minutes an episode. Gosselins, you know what they are and yours to correct.

Submitted for publication via email from Carol Sue.