Kate Gosselin: A Woman of Deep Faith

Part One:

I have posted here before, but I would like to keep my name off of this entry. Additionally, what I'm about to share was told to me by someone intimately involved with the issue. This person doesn't wish to answer any questions, but they would like the record to be set straight. They are tired of the lies perpetuated by Jon and Kate.

#1 - Kate's disdain for family is not an entirely passive pursuit. The incident with Aunt Jodi being a perfect example: Kate set an arbitrary limit (no gum, except when Kate personally gives it to the kids) and then aggressively bitched out Jodi for getting gum on the bear. This was not the first incident where Kate gave Jodi rules that were only rules for Jodi. In fact, depending on who you are, the rules can change quite dramatically. These subjective and autocratic rules are the reason why the extended family is not "actively involved". Kate was confronted by more than one member of her family a while back and those who dared question her were dismissed. But, it doesn't stop there. If that were the end of it, then this person wouldn't have come forward. The problem is that Kate never forgets a slight and will continue to use it as ammunition long after the original grievance. Understandably, people tire of this treatment very, very quickly. Many of the extended family are hurt by the cold shoulder that has been extended to them. Some have even chosen to remove themselves from the kids lives as they feel that bouncing in-and-out at the whim of an arbitrary dictator would cause the children more harm than good. Children deserve stability. Even if the stability includes a lack of extended, familial support.

#2 - The "fender bender". Kate has allegedly claimed that she was fearful of stopping to exchange information because she didn't want to be recognized. She felt "unsafe". Keep in mind, this accident did not happen on a busy interstate or bridge or location wherein pulling over or finding a parking lot was impossible. Does she really imagine herself to be such a celebrity that she fears people who SHE bumps? It would be understandable if someone purposefully tail-gated or rear ended her (or otherwise made her feel stalked/followed). But, I seriously doubt that everyone in Pennsylvania is driving around hoping to get hit by one of the Gosselins. This is a weak excuse and further illustrates the lack of reality based thinking.

#3 - The signs on the lawn became the talk of the neighborhood. The general consensus was that it was a step towards promoting the "fears" she has for her family. However, interestingly, she didn't stop any of the delivery men who came to the door with freebies. A couple of neighbors suspect that the signs were, in part, a reaction to kids in the neighborhood who wanted to play or see the house/'tups/twins. Granted, having kids on your lawn when you don't want them there is annoying. However, if you don't wish for your children to form friendships in their neighborhood, then maybe you should not play in plain sight on your drive-way and give pedestrians the evil eye as they dare walk past your home or drive by your home. Other people live in that neighborhood.

#4 - At a recent family outing, a child came over to the family and asked for an autograph. The family was not eating or engaged in something that required their attention, but waiting for cameras to be set and shots framed. The child was rudely turned away and, supposedly, Kate was heard to remark that the "child needed to learn privacy and manners". I think anyone who seeks out a reality show and accepts repeated and constant donations from the public should learn how to smile and give a child, who likely was very excited to see someone from television, a freakin' autograph! Adults should know better, sure. A child? That's a little different. It would've taken a moment to be kind. That's it.

In conclusion, I believe that the edges are starting to fray. If you desire an isolated, private existence, then do as the Dilleys and other families with multiples have done: turn the cameras away or limit the intrusion to occasional updates. People who have donated substantial money, time, and goodwill do not deserved to be treated as second class citizens. For all that the G's have been given, they show no effort to give anything back. Would it kill them to give an autograph without a cover charge? Or, how about giving one of their freebie trips to a family who has a relative in hospice? What about giving the hand-me-downs to a homeless shelter or children's temporary custody home? I'm not going to play the Christian card on them. After all, that's not our job. But, I don't think it's crossing the line to suggest a bit of humility or consideration for human beings less fortunate. Thank you for allowing me this vent.


Part Two:

Truth Will Set You Free, thank you putting yourself out there to say what needs to be said. From what I've heard, seen, and experienced about Jon and Kate, they have no concept of the phrase "Get over it!" That makes them people I have no desire to expose myself to. When I used to my real name to post, I got a shit storm of nasty-grams from someone who I'm almost positive was either Jon or Kate. I don't fear the e-mails. But, I do think that once this cookie crumbles, they'll start looking for legal recourse from the people who gave out this sort of info.

Kate has an iron trap memory and will never, never, ever take ownership for her words or actions. It's far easier to kill the messenger. That's part of the passive-aggressive behavior. She claims that the world is out to get her or that some of what has been said is personal. She can't answer to the issue or a critique; but, she can shun, twist, and manipulate people.

Maybe you can confirm, or deny, the following behaviors/actions?

An ex-friend (and helper) of the Gosselins said that Kate looks over the kids head-to-toe after they've been with Jodi because Jodi was "too permissive and didn't watch the kids as well" as she (Kate) does. Kate told this same person that people who've been on the show should have no reason to complain about how they've been treated because she was "gracious" enough to allow them to travel with them on fun trips. But, this rings contrary to what we've seen on television. During the Disney World trip, and despite the fact that it was a fully covered trip with no expenses, Kate would not allow anyone to pick up the rooms that the helpers were staying at. These women were in no way compensated for their help and Kate believes that just being taken along was compensation enough. I have no doubt that these women volunteered to help. They are good and decent people who know how to look past someone's flaws and see the bigger picture (the children's happiness).

But, we're seeing a pattern of Kate going out of her way to be unkind and, at times, completely dismissive of the people who help her. Jon allows her to do this which makes me question his integrity. It's not a male power (husband is always right) thing... he shouldn't have to the power to veto all of her decisions or share an opinion. But, as a spouse, you should attempt to help each other grow and become the best people they can be. Jon should wake-up and see just how bad this situation is getting. But, in a sense, I think he deals with Kate much like an ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand. It's easier to agree with her and hop on her delusional bandwagon that it is to correct/critique her or speak up. He's guilty by association and tolerance for poor behavior.

When I heard about their potential move, I was not surprised. In fact, some locals called it as much as 18 months ago. Many people who surrounded the Gosselins with love, support, and...let's be frank, cash and freebies, are done. Stick a fork in them. Kate uses someone until they question her. Then she dumps them and moves on. There are few in this town who still regard them with respect. For the people in their locale, this isn't about a TV show or the G's fame. It's about being treated like garbage. It's the fact that they have to put up with this egotistical nonsense first hand. Kate exhausts people (Ha! Maybe her use of the word reveals more than we think?). Moving will give her a relatively clean slate. She'll have an entirely new population to take advantage of and con into believing that their life is one difficulty after another. Kate's like a wild fire that burns through a forest at epic speeds and destructiveness. Like the burnt forest, it takes a long time to repair the damage and get back to normal.

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