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How and Why I Lost That Luvin' Feeling

I just wanted to share on when & how I lost that lovin feeling for Jon & Kate.

Like many of you, I used to love Jon & Kate Plus 8. The kids were, and still are, fun & adorable. Jon & Kate would crack me up from time to time with their comments. But as time went on, I began to notice what others have. The favoring of certain kids. The inconsistencies. Beth disappears. Gumgate. Joelgate. Initially, I thought that maybe things were just stressful, and that we'd soon see things changing for the better.

I was horribly wrong.

What tugged at my heart was the hair transplant episode, and Jon & Kate leaving their sick children behind to fly across the country for a cosmetic procedure. Why does this get to me, you ask? My daughter.

My little girl came into the world 10 weeks premature via emergency c-section. She weighed just over 2 lbs & for several days, things were touch & go with her. Since she was born very close to the gestational age that the Gosselins tups were, I felt I could relate in a sense to Jon & Kate. She slowly began to improve, and we were joyous to bring her home 7 weeks later weighing just over 4 lbs.

The first 5 years were a roller coaster. She was hospitalized numerous times for reflux, RSV, pneumonia, and at one time, a priest was called in. We knew this was possible with a preemie in her first few years, but it didn't make things easier. Every cough, every fever, every asthma attack, every loss of appetite brought fear & uncertainty. Would we have to bring her in to the ER in the middle of the night with a temp of over 104? Many times, she would be fine, and within an hour or two, we'd have a feverish, lethargic, wheezing, coughing little girl who couldn't even walk. Many nights, days, holidays, weekends were spent at her bedside, either at home or in the pediatrics wing. New Years, the new millenium, was spent in the PICU while she battled another bout of RSV.

Never in my wildest dreams would we have ever considered leaving her when she showed signs of illness.That's why, when J&K took off to California for a hair transplant while their sweet, precious children were at home sick, I was absolutely livid with them, and heartbroken for those children. Leah & Joel in particular, saddened me so much, for it painfully obvious to me that those two were very sick.

How, HOW could parents do this, knowing the risk that preemies have their first few years of life? Do they not know how quickly things can spiral downhill?

Understand: If J&K were going to California for a needed procedure, such as a heart or kidney transplant, I would be a lot more accepting. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions in life. This, in my mind, was not one of them. To choose between being with your ill preemies or have cosmetic surgery? You STAY HOME with your sick children who need their parents. You either reschedule the procedure, have Jon go with another family member (Kevin?) while Kate stays home, or you suck it up & deal with your husband losing his hair, KATE. If TLC pushed the issue, you tell them to pound sand, because YOUR CHILDREN come first.

I am very fortunate today, because my daughter is a healthy, beautiful, intelligent girl with a heart of gold. When she watched this with me, she looked at me & said, "Mom, you & Dad would've never left me for that."

No baby, we wouldn't have.

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