Your Suggestions Come to Life

We love readers' suggestions -- this blog is staffed by a core group of contributors, but without all of our terrific readers participating every day, we would be off in some obscure corner collecting cobwebs.

All of your comments, emails, and submissions keep this place vibrant and interesting, and we would like to announce three new changes -- all inspired by your input:

1. There is a new link near the top of the sidebar, titled Questions and Answers -- click on the link and see how it works!

2. Just under that, there is now a display with a live slideshow featuring missing children being spotlighted by John Walsh's National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

3. Furthur down the sidebar, under Episode List, we have made the more recent Season 3 episodes hyperlinked directly to the corresponding blog discussion of each episode -- check it out!

Thanks for all of your participation, and please feel free to keep sending in your suggestions.

- The GWoP Staff

P.S. Don't forget that the sidebar also has a section titled "Top Three Topics" where you can quickly locate a recent blog entry that has been particularly busy with comments. Hopefully it will include the one you are looking for.

Questions and Answers

This blog entry is intended to be a place for readers to post any questions they may have regarding Jon and Kate Plus Eight -- questions that don't really fit in with any particular blog entry but that you would like to put out there for anyone who might know the answer.

It was created in response to suggestions from our readers. There is a permanent link to it in the sidebar of our home page, so that even when it scrolls off the home page you will be able to locate it quickly.

Of course, you are always free to contact the GWoP Staff privately, via email, if you prefer -- see the CONTACT US button at the top of the sidebar.

08/04 Comment of the Week: Vote Now!

Voting is now closed -- thank you - the winner this week was Comment #4!


Here are the nominations, submitted by readers, for the 08/04/08 Comment of the Week. The Comment of the Week is featured in a link on the sidebar of our home page.

1. nanasez [in her recap, regarding the Gosselins]: "I swear, these people go all the way around the block to get next door."

2. nanasez [in her recap, regarding the Gosselins]: "That's right, mom. She never has legitimate feelings. Just low blood sugar."

3. Sera: "They deserve to grow up in a private, loving and nurturing environment, not in the circus they currently live, with Kate as the cantankerous ring master and Jon as her monkey-boy doing tricks."

4. Anonymous: "Jon's real occupation is a 'how to work the systems' engineer."