Let's be Realistic about this Reality Show

We have been having private discussions about this blog, and we wanted to share some of our thoughts.


The Gosselin kids are most likely going have some major psychological/emotional issues. Each of those kids will have their own set of issues unique to that particular kid based on that child's own internal damage. And some of the emotional issues will overlap and be shared by all of the kids. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that, nor is it our place to do anything about that. Many, many children grow up with bad parenting. We aren't the bad parenting police. It's a shame that the Gosselin children have the parents they have. But, that's life! It will be up to each of them to overcome the bad parenting on their own, in their own way. Some will overcome and others will be unsuccessful fighting their own internal demons. Just because we get to see this bad parenting on a weekly basis on TV does not mean it is anyone's job (beyond private family members, a teacher's input, or perhaps their minister) to intervene. It's not right, it's not fair, but it is the way it is. Although my heart breaks for them, it's not my place to do anything beyond shaking my head in despair while witnessing these things and hoping and praying that each and every one of the kids will find a way to overcome and be as emotionally balanced and successful as they can be as adults.


We aren't going to be able to force an intervention. We aren't going to find the magic answer to force Kate to willingly undergo therapy and extract that very sharp organic stick from her ass.

But we're planting the seeds. Just as growing plants takes time and patience, it is the same for showing people the truth. They don't want to know the truth - -but Jon and Kate are becoming so painfully hard to watch, that the viewers can't not see that something is wrong. And instead of wondering "am I the only one who thinks something is wrong?" they're saying "Um, the people at GWoP have a point." And while we do this, we do need to remember to keep ourselves balanced with our own personal lives. The Gosselin kids have a crazy mother and a lazy father -- but they don't need us to obsess over their welfare every waking moment. So let's keep plugging on. Speak up about the nudity and lack of privacy if you choose to. But also --take care of yourself.


Is their childhood dysfunctional? Of course. Is it awful they are having every minute filmed? Absolutely. Is there a clear and present risk? No. The channel to go through here to get anything done is through Child Labor Laws, NOT CPS. (watchoverthem: The minimum standard of care for a CPS removal in this country is very low.)

Not to be sentimental, but I kind of see our blog as sort of a fine representation of why freedom of speech is such a great thing. In many countries, you're not allowed to say bad things about people in "power" even if it's true. And by not exposing anything negative about people, that's how really horrendous things happen, like genocide. In other countries, no one speaks up for the children, and they end up working in places like sweat shops. If the government is taxing the poor to give to the rich, the right to speak up about it is essential. If children are being mistreated, people must speak up. The Gosselins aren't the government, but they are in effect stealing from the poor to give to themselves, the rich, and committing a fraud on everyone. And we're exposing it, one day at a time.

Again, not to be sentimental. But we're doing a brave thing, honestly.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show tells the story of the orphan, Truman Burbank, who was selected by a producer to create a television program showing the 'reality' of his life. Truman lives in his own private dome, with actors pretending to be his community. Nothing in his life is real, except for Truman himself.

Jon & Kate have opened up their lives and have allowed their children to be entertainment for public consumption. We are invited to watch them grow up and are privy to their intimate moments. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing is too sacred that cannot be put on film for us to watch, criticize, and analyze. The children are completely open to us.

When there is nothing that is interesting to present to us, we are given a nice, tidy clip show (just like the Truman Show), hi-lighting the milestones of this family's life. They even have strategically placed product placement!

What's next? Mady's first boyfriend (sponsored by Teen Beat)? The tups meet the bully(A very special episode)? Will the children know who really are their friends, or will they always be suspicious that the people they meet are nice to them because they want to be on tv?

While the Truman Show seems to have ended on a good note (Truman freeing himself from his fake life), we aren't privy to his adjustment outside the world that is created for him. He'll have to deal with problems that aren't scripted and aren't guiding him on the producer desired path.

I wonder what's going to happen to J&K's children once the 'staged' reality of their lives end. Will they miss it? Will they know what to do with it? What will they do when their crew and producer decide that America is bored with them and up and leave without ever looking back? These are people they've bonded with. Are they going to feel that everyone abandons them?

Does Kate realize that, like the Truman Show, once they're off the air, America is just going to change the channel and forget about them? I wonder how she feels about that.

Submitted for publication by Maggy.