What Paul Petersen Has to Say

This blog entry is a follow-up to yesterday's entry

Below you will see the contents of an email received by one of our readers who has been communicating with Paul Petersen, founder of A Minor Consideration:

As you read, notice that it is in reverse chronological order and you can see Mr. Petersen's attitude grow from mildly concerned to increasingly alarmed and disturbed... much as has our own attitude:

Hi Serena!

Your blog is amazing and the first thing I found when I started "worrying" about Jon and Kate's kids.

I emailed Paul Petersen and thought you would enjoy his reply. Hopefully he will look further into the show and talk openly about it. He could definitely take it up a level.

I added your blog link as well as Julie's to my email to him. I have copied his email below. Thanks so much for all you do.

Jan [last name removed]


Hi Jan,

Something must have happened on this show that has generated (let me be kind) all this concerned email. Do you have a specific concern?

Just to save time, Janice, below is a copy of an email I sent out earlier this week.

My Best,
Paul Petersen


Dear Lynn,

Before I take my short cut and copy you with an email I sent out earlier this week, let me tell you that I am getting more and more inquiries about this so-called reality show that has been running for years now. More and more people, if my email traffic is any indication, are expressing their misgivings about this show as we now plainly see more and more altered behaviors not just with the little ones, but with the parents as well.

Big trouble, I fear, is on the horizon, and I quite agree with you that contacting the sponsors is probably the best "first step" in raising the proverbial "Red Flag."

I have noted that the older twins, in school and subject to the impact of their peers, are not seen as much as in previous seasons...and for a man with a keen sense of notoriety's impact on children, I am beginning to feel the awakening of that "advocate dragon" that lies coiled in my soul.

Something is amiss. When I checked out the show this week I was squirming in my seat. Below is what I wrote on Sunday the 13th of July. My concerns have since been sharpened.

Thanks for writing, Lynn.

My best,
Paul Petersen


Dear Vicki,

Thanks for making contact. You may want to watch Fox News today because they are actually interviewing a qualified (and quite knowledgeable psychologist) about 'Borrowers' that makes some good points.

Now then, as to Jon and Kate...I have been tracking this show for quite a while...and like you, I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with this show as the years roll by and the kids (all of 'em) are getting older.

I initially felt okay with this show, mostly because that father-part of me recognized what an enormous expense six babies would create...What's a father to do? Mom, too, for that matter. I remember how overwhelmed they were.

But now that the kids are on the brink of interacting with their peers (and like you I have no idea what the monetary compensation might be...or how it's distributed, or whether their is a Court-Approved contract...but since it's not being filmed in California it means that whatever the compensation is it belongs, absolutely and without qualifications, to the parents.

The real trouble for these children, and for all eight of them, is what lies ahead. They have broken away from anything resembling normalcy...and the grinding reality of Fame is going to impact the family. There is simply no escape.

If the parents recognize that notoriety has done to them, how it changed their friends' behaviors and altered their life's path, perhaps the kids will handle things okay...but if they keep doing this show it will get worse and worse as the kids ride on their different paths.
I haven't heard anything horrible...as yet...and my former kid star pals from big families (like the Corcoran clan) remind me that a large family is, in fact, a protective dynamic.

So, what I'm saying is, with no evidence to the contrary, I'm okay with this show...for now.

My best,
Paul Petersen

Reprinted with permission from Jan.