These Sorority Sisters See Through It All

I have never posted but I felt compelled to write this after reading this blog for several weeks.

I came across Jon and Kate plus 8 during a late night after studying in college. What started as mere curiosity quickly became my favorite show. I got so hooked that I started to make my roomate watch and slowly I had the entire sorority house of 35 girls tuning in.

What we saw as a nice family has quickly turned into a trainwreck. My main problem with the show is their new found love of money. While I think the lengths these two will go to to earn a dollar is disgusting, more than anything I am disgusted by the message they are sending to their children. They are teaching eight little ones that self responsibility and a strong work ethic is not important. That they are entitled and that hard working people should support them. Instead of providing for his family like most men, Jon is content to ride the gravy train.

This to me is the most disturbing because if J&K continue on this path, they will do their kids a great injustice. They are showing their kids that it is not an individual responsibilty to provide for yourself through hard work and education, but instead that others should support you. The most important message and gift my parents every gave me was to show me how hard they worked and how important education was. I really hope that instead of sending the message that we should get something for nothing because we are special, they will try to teach these kids how fortunate they are that they have the opportunities to go to private school and college -- something they could not do.

While I doubt this will be the message, I hope that when the gravy train ends the kids will realize that Daddy not having a job was a huge mistake. Maybe when they are older, the eight will become disgusted by their parents' willingness to do anything for the almighty dollar. I hope in ten years we hear that these kids are in college fighting for other exploited children. Wouldn't that be ironic? Until then I have been forced to turn all of my sorority sisters onto this blog and try to show them that are love of everything Gosselin is really just a sham.

I want to add a thank you to Jodi's sister for speaking out. I only hope that your courage will inspire others to do the same and that I love your sister and know how important aunts and extended family can be!

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