Leaving the Churches High and Dry

Jon and Kate are reneging on their previously committed speaking engagements, leaving churches and other groups high and dry, scrambling to refund ticket holders and re-book replacement speakers.

Now that Jon and Kate are being "represented" by a PR firm, we are seeing the pattern of them cancelling the old speaking engagements where they charged a small ticket price and collected "love offerings", only to turn around and reschedule new speaking engagements reportedly charging $25,000 for their appearance plus first class air tickets plus all expenses paid.

Their excuse doesn't hold water -- if they need to spend more time with their children, as claimed, they would not be simply rescheduling talks at different, higher-paying locations. (We keep their current speaking schedule updated here.)

Read the information Manda has collected below, and decide for yourself:


Your dedicated authors here at GWoP travel the Internet highways, hither, thither and yon, to bring you only the most concise information available on the Gosselin family. Once again, a concerted effort has turned up some interesting tidbits the Internet has to offer -- a puzzle if you will, but once put together, the story we see unfolding is quite interesting.

A while back the Gosselins removed their speaking engagement calendar from their website. There was rampant speculation this was done due to someone contacting said locations with less than impressive details about Jon and Kate in an effort to derail these speaking engagements. Having followed their story in print media, TLC, and online venues over the past year, I personally had seen no conspiracy of such forming. In any event, if they felt threatened to the point of protecting their private travel schedule, who am I to argue with their reasons?

Although no one could verify that people had made any contact with these venues with untoward intentions, we did start to notice cancellations of speaking engagements popping up hither, thither, and yon.

Of course, these venues were disappointed with the cancellations, but all seemed to be very understanding, despite the fact they would have hours upon hours of work ahead of them refunding ticket sales and re-booking alternative guests to fill the spots abruptly vacated by Jon and Kate. They were sympathetic to the reasons given by Jon and Kate's recently hired PR representative, Julie May of Media Motion International.

Here is one example of their cancellation letter, provided to the Ohio Child Conservation League State Convention (use the magnifying glass cursor to enlarge the letter for viewing).

Another example of their cancellation letter, graciously provided for us at the somiretreat.org link:

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 2:08 PM
Subject: Hi Judy/The Gosselins

Hi Judy,

I hope all is well with you.

I wanted to introduce myself as I work with Kate and Jon Gosselin.

I'm afraid that I have some disappointing news as Jon & Kate unfortunately are having to cut back on their upcoming speaking engagements and travel in order to spend more time with their children and we sincerely hope you can understand.

They are really so very sorry that they will not be able to make the trip. Of course, they will be happy to return your deposit if you can please email me the best address to send it to and we'll get that to you right away.

Again, we are so very sorry that they will be unable to attend as they were so looking forward to meeting you in person and also meeting your wonderful group!

Thank you for everything and if they might be in your area in the future, perhaps there will be a way to work out an appearance at a future time.

All best,

Julie May
Media Motion International

It seems most of the events being canceled were those that Jon and Kate, when they were handling their own travel arrangements and booking schedules, had committed to personally.

Imagine our surprise when, fast forward three months now beyond the flurry of activity canceling these engagements, we run across comments such as this:

"I have never posted on anything in my life but felt compelled to post about Jon and Kate. Our organization booked Jon and Kate to speak at our function many months ago. We communicated via e-amil with Kate for months. Kate, seemed very down to earth and accomadating. Our organization receved many reservations over the months. We were so excited,and looking forward to them speaking. Well, out of the blue, we receved an e-mail from a PR firm, stating that Jon and Kate would not be able to speak. Their excuse, too busy with their TLC show, and also leaving the children was getting harder as they get older. Quite understandable, however, we were very let down and left with quite a predicament of reimbursing people that have already paid. I have since been in touch with a prominent speaking agency, looking for replacements. I told this agency of our dilemma about Jon and Kate. The agency informed me that Jon and Kate are now commanding $25,000.00, first class plane tickets, and all expenses paid.So we went from, communicating with Kate, to her shoving us off on their PR firm, to Jon and Kate canceling their previous commitments, because of the money. We were paying them $22,000.00 less then what they are asking for now. Bottom line, the 15 minites of fame has definitely gone to their heads, and they definitely have lost alot of fans and viewers from us. Very disappointing."

With that we are left to wonder: Is it really the commitments to their children and filming schedule from TLC that have them canceling events at a phenomenal rate? Or is it perhaps that these events were scheduled at a time prior to their obtaining a PR firm that now tells them they should wipe the slate clean and start over with the speaking engagement calendar at this new and improved rate?

These are just the pieces of the puzzle we are compelled to give you. You guys put it together.

Reprinted with permission from Manda.

Embarrassing and Favorite Moments

TLC is airing a new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode tomorrow night (Monday July 21st) -- a 30-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled Embarrassing and Favorite Moments:
Jon and Kate remember their more embarrassing moments, even ones they wish weren't caught on tape. They also remember some of their more favorite moments they've had with their kids.

Truly, a Match Made in Heaven

"Regardless of what the truth is, nobody wins."

Truth is neutral; it doesn't rely on wins or losses. I think J&K and their fans use the "hate card" in a futile attempt to discredit their critics.

No one to my knowledge -- at least on this site -- harbors any hatred toward the parents. I'm more amused by them than anything; their malaprops are a hoot.

Jon and Kate preen for the camera: watch us dance, watch us grow hair, watch us whiten our teeth, watch us shop, watch us, watch us, and watch us some more.

We did watch because the kids were so darn cute. At some point, producer Jen Stocks and/or Jon and Kate deluded themselves into thinking that two unemployed, covetous parents were the draw. I guess that's what happens when you start to believe your own public relations (or your smitten producer's skewed judgment).

It might be time for Figure 8 Films to reconsider its mission statement: "Accuracy is very important as is sensitivity and respect for our subjects and our audience." Get out of town, you kidders!

Figure 8 claims their intent is to make the "world a more understanding place. ..." What I've come to understand from watching their show is this: Jon and Kate Gosselin are divisive, dumb, and way too obvious. And Figure 8 Films profits at the expense of toddlers.

Truly, a match made in heaven.

Blog entry created from a comment left by Bicoastal.

Disillusioned in Florida

I admit: I was a fan of Jon and Kate.

I was really into this show in the beginning. I am parenting 3 children, ages 5, 3 and 8 months and I am stressed out a lot of the time. I am mostly on edge because my autistic child presents a lot of challenges and is the work of several children. I started watching the show because I was attracted to the idea of watching someone handle a seemingly chaotic situation that appeared to be more chaotic than mine. It is not often that I see real parents with unusual parenting challenges that are more difficult than mine. I do know parents with large families of 4-7 children and one of those families has twins, but I saw the Gosselin's situation as more challenging because it was so many children in such a young age bracket AND so many of one age.

I watched the show to see someone handle a situation I perceived to be more challenging than my own in an effort to be able to feel better about my situation. I also watched the show for ideas. I have used some of her organizational ideas, which I found helpful because my life is unorganized and it puts a strain on my family. I also encouraged my husband to go in on part of an organic cow so we could afford organic beef. However, I wasn't doing organics for attention or to feel superior, we had been encouraged to go organic by one of my son's doctors since pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in food can worsen autism.

I was really into the first two seasons, but I admit that it has changed dramatically recently. I still watch the show a lot, but I am more in my husband's camp of, "this is a train wreck and I can't help but watch". I find myself viewing the show more and more to get ideas of what not to do instead of helpful hints.

I started going sour at the episode that you call "GumGate". However, I did give her a pass on that one because of her situation of having a huge amount of preschoolers at once. The thought of dealing with a gum accident really freaks me out with one child, which is why we have a really strict rule about not having it at all. I can't imagine 6 kids getting into it. My take on this episode, and I am sorry to the Jodi lovers, but Jodi was wrong to give it to them and Kate massively overreacted. I know, I know, you are all going to tell me that J&K are inconsistent about gum, they didn't have a standing rule, the kids had gum on an airplane before.

My point is she wasn't sure. And we know she wasn't sure because she is on camera asking the kids whether they are allowed to have it. I would give her a pass if she didn't have kids, but she has 4. She knows 3 year olds will not always know what they are and are not allowed to do and even if they did, kids who are three will try to pull one over on an adult who doesn't seem to know the rule. If she was not certain of the rule, and there is clear evidence that she was not certain- she shouldn't have given the gum. I assume J&K had cell phones on them, she could have called and asked. If she was afraid she'd be ripped a new one for interrupting, then don't give the gum. Gum is one of those things that a lot of parents have issue with. Bottom line it was poor judgement on her part. I think she seems to be a great person, but she did make a mistake there.

However Kate was over the top. Way over the top.. Can you be frustrated and mumble under your breath, "WTH was she thinking?" Yeah sure. But to scream all over the place and then call your SIL who has been keeping your kids for free ALL OF THE TIME and then rip her one on TV-ungrateful and wrong. She started to lose my respect there. Then came Collin's luvie. I about died. Look, I am all for natural consequences, which is a discipline technique that the Gosselins don't seem to use very often. It involves allowing the child to make a mistake, and then feel the reprocussions and deal with the fall out. This usually involves crying and howling and then when they calm down you explain to them how their actions produced the result.

Throwing a child's luvie, to which they have a psychological attachment, in the garbage is inappropriate. Luvies are sacred. When it comes time to wean from one, it is to be done carefully. My eyes shot open and pretty much bugged out of my head. My husband shouted, "Are you freaking KIDDING me?" I couldn't believe it. For one thing, the bear wasn't ruined. If she couldn't get the gum out, then she could have just trimmed it out of the bear. I would have been okay with Collin having to endure his bear being trimmed of the gum, but not thrown out.

Which brings me to my next point. I don't understand the whole stain removal thing and the bib thing. Do they have horrible water quality or something? Because I have kids and they are messy a lot. I have dealt with all sorts of bad stains including blood. Usually all I do is put it in the regular wash with Oxyclean- very occasionally I rerun it. I almost never use any stain removal product, but if she was really worried couldn't she just carry a stain stick with her? If I think a stain might be questionable I remove the garment and dip the area in detergent so the stain doesn't set or I wash it immediately. Seriously, except for bananas (I don't know why but they turn clothes black if not removed immediately), sometimes oil, and non-washable paint and inks, everything comes out. There is no need for the mass freak out. There was nothing in the Crayola factory that wouldn't have washed out, as I am sure they used washable markers. There was nothing in the bakery that wouldn't have come out, and again- you know you are going- spend $10 and get a 6 pack of XXL mens t-shirts and smock them. Really? If Gap is telling you that you can't cover the clothes then tell them that they need to send a second set if they get stained in production. It isn't that hard.

And now I have come full circle to the Cupcake episode. I had missed a couple of episodes before it, and I hadn't seen how bad things had gotten. Wow. I walked from that one never the same. In our home all rules go out the window on your birthday. Not only that but the rules suspend for everyone, not just the birthday child so that there aren't any issues.

I started out pretty disturbed about the shoes. That has happened to me before. We don't wear shoes that don't fit our feet because that is what matches. How ridiculous. Who cares? And if they do care then do you really care what they think? If you really do care what they think then your priorities are messed up. If it was a product placement, too bad it was their error. They need to fix it.

Then came the cupcakes. I started out amused at the fact she was so uptight about it, but quickly became annoyed. I then started to become frustrated that she was keeping them from having any fun. Frustration turned to anger when she wouldn't allow the Sextuplets to eat their cupcakes, but let the twins eat their and it was the Sextuplets's birthday. Are you kidding me? Then make them drive home and then eat to get one and then withold them when they don't eat? IT IS THEIR BIRTHDAY!!! It isn't monday night dinner with some Monkey Munch in the wings. It is their birthday and it is their birthday dessert that they created. Only four things come to mind as possibilities: they are cruel and get pleasure out being like this in some sick twisted way; they are completely clueless; they are trying to overcompensate in showing that they can tow the line and parent well; OR (and I am seriously thinking this might be it) the cupcakes were looking yummy and J&K knew not all 6 would eat their dinner, so they did this to be able to eat the cupcakes for themselves. I think the "no eating kid's cooking this is a sham".

So I have gone from complete fan to watching the show for its trainwreck quality. I am by no means a perfect parent and there are days I am sure I fail miserably, but I am now disillusioned in the way these kids are treated.

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