The Three Stages of Truth

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer


Jon and Kate have posted a new statement on the front page of their website:
To our faithful fans who deserve an answer,

In the recent days, we have been informed there are a lot of lies circulating about us. Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded. Although it is not always easy we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show. Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders, family included, who for whatever reason insist upon telling hurtful untruths. We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate. We will leave it alone out of respect for them. But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us. Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops. Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)
Let's take an in-depth look into it.

Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded.

Jon and Kate have actually done the exact opposite of this. They have worked hard to cover up their real lives as much as possible. Their real lives include personal chefs, gardeners, nannies, personal assistants, and a slew of paid helpers that the viewer does not see on their show. Their real lives include multiple weekend speaking engagements where they tell a false tale of poverty in order to collect love offerings from good-hearted Christians who have their own families to support. They even "covered up" their own parent's faces on their wedding video by having them blurred when it was featured on their show.

Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders

There is the standard Jon and Kate defense. They accuse people of being jealous when the truth is told about them. As we mentioned in our previous post, Reasons Why We Are Not Jealous of Jon and Kate, we came up with a multitude of reasons why we are not jealous of them. Jon and Kate use this as a catch-all defense instead of actually responding to criticism. They are so self-absorbed that they think anyone who disagrees with them is jealous. Nope, not us.

Jon and Kate apparently do not see the irony in the fact that they are the ones choosing to be exposed on TV, therefore causing this stress and the criticism of "jealous bystanders." They have the power to stop, yet they continue. Fame and money are more important to Jon and Kate than their overall family well-being.

family included

Jon and Kate are aware that their family members are very uncomfortable with what they are doing and now they are publicly calling them out as liars. On their show, they have visibly cut off both sets of grandparents and Jodi and Kevin -- not to mention the multiple family members they do not acknowledge at all. Do their children have any family members to bond with? They return to their catch-all defense – they are just jealous. According to Jon and Kate, it seems no family member is worth keeping around their children. As soon as they mention a criticism, they are cut off no matter how close they were with the children.

Jon and Kate also acknowledge that family members have been telling others about their real lives -- family members who have seen it all, babysat all their kids, provided priceless emotional support for their family as well a monetary support. Jon and Kate called them liars.

But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us.

This is one of the most absurd statements of all. Jon and Kate do not define truth. They do not even define their own truth. If someone says Jon and Kate have 8 kids that is the truth. They cannot “approve” that statement; it is true in and of itself. The Earth is round and the ocean is blue. This is a stupid statement meant to ease the minds of the sheeple who follow them. Only the most blind fan worshiper could read that sentence and say “Yes, I agree with them. If Jon and Kate say anything I read on the internet or in print about them is not true then I believe them.” Just getting through life means questioning anything and everything around you and not just blindly following what someone says without research. What if we elected our President by following that logic?

Notice also the tone they use with their fans - "But as a reminder." It is such a condescending tone. Like "we know you are not smart enough to grasp this on your own, so we are reminding you."

Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops.

They are actually thanking people for watching the show that causes so much stress in their family. If they had any compassion whatsoever they would see what their show is doing to their children and stop right now. But no, they are assuring their fans that the show must go on no matter what the cost.

Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

As we have proven on this blog, we know that is another lie. The one grain of truth might be in the fact that the children are their top priority as the money makers for the family. We all know that Jon and Kate do not work a regular job with a place of employment. They get paid per episode for doing their show. They get paid through speaking engagements. The only reason they are able to do this is through the novelty of having twins and sextuplets. They make their children work more than the hardest-working child actor. Even child actors get to go home to a safe camera-free environment at the end of the day. The Gosselin children do not have that luxury. Jon and Kate are literally making money off their children’s backs. If the children were Jon and Kate’s priority, then they would stop doing the show.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)

You can see Jon and Kate’s writing style by looking through the rest of their website. They have horrible grammar and punctuation skills. This statement was most likely written by the new PR firm they hired in order to protect their image. So this last sentence is another lie.

It is ironic that going through the FAQ section of their website the #1 item is this:

1. Contrary to popular belief, none of our kids have been given a college scholarship nor are there any funds set up in any accounts to pay for college!!! That is another area where we are trusting the Lord to provide when that time comes!!!!! Scary, but necessary!!!!!

It is well documented that they sell photographs of their children for $20 cash to put in the children’s college fund. They sell these photos at their speaking engagements and to fans who write them asking for a photo.

It is ironic that the Gosselins chose to update their website with a statement telling their fans that everything on the internet and print is a lie, yet they cannot update their website stating that they are no college funds for the children. (They have not even updated the ages of their children.) Maybe it is because they are still trying to mislead the public into thinking that they are poverty-stricken so they will receive more cash donations.

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Cooking with Children

A parent’s job is to teach their children. I only have one child, but I have been a Girl Scout leader to a troop of Brownies… so I’ve done the cooking with a “bunch of little kids” thing. No matter what their age, every day is about teaching a child a new skill. When I do stuff with my daughter, I take that time to teach and reinforce the basic rules of food preparation. So when Kate complained about the little kids making cupcakes – she was way out of line.

Cooking and other fun activities you do with your child is to TEACH them - if you teach them to first clean their hands, put their hair up, not lick their fingers while making food (and of course not pick their nose, ears, etc.) then you are TEACHING them social skills. You are TEACHING what is acceptable and is not and how to have PRIDE in what you make for yourself and your family. They already had hats and aprons on. Teach the next step and then let them experiment, have fun, make mistakes, get messy a bit and learn.

Plus -- there is one word for all of this - SANITIZER. A quick squirt in their hand and they can work on any project involving food. The fondant was completely safe for them to touch on the table in my opinion. And if any of the kids were seen unhygienic, then stop them for a moment and have them either wash their hands or use some sanitizer. (Quick caveat about sanitizer – it should only be used 4-5 times in a row, then wash hands again, of course if lots of nasty bodily fluids are involved, wash up with soap and water!)

The whole Cupcake Torture, J&K never explained ahead of time (on camera) that the kids all needed to eat some dinner to get the durn cupcakes - obviously skewed to favor the girls. It broke my heart to watch my guys getting hurt like that – especially after all the excitement and fun they had being at the bakery.

Speaking of fun activities, the reason the girls didn’t paint as well at the ceramics shop is because Kate won’t let them do FUN and MESSY stuff. They don’t know how to hold a paint brush or any of that. (Plus anything my child makes is fine with me, I still have a Sculpey piece of pizza she sculpted for me when she was 5. I cherish her creations as I cherish her existence in my life.)

Kate needs to see a shrink, I don't care if it is Dr. Phil the Shill, she is harming these kids with her negativity, attitude and passive-aggressive anger - she wanted the cameras, but she acts out for them: picking on Jon and now the kids with increasing venom. Denigrating the children, verbally abusing her spouse as well. They will see these "home movies" later... and it will hurt them in so many many ways.

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