Reasons Why We Are Not Jealous of Jon and Kate

Kate is surrounded by 8 frequently loud and rather ill-behaved children. Nope don't need that. Although 8 well behaved kids would have been OK when I was younger. (Yes, I have adult children so I know how to rear well-behaved ones.)

Kate has industrial lighting and is being followed around by a film crew over half her life. Nope don't need that either. I had bit parts in two TV shows and two movies. That was way more than enough of the lights and mess and waiting for crew to set up thank you very much.

Kate is being told where she's going and what she's doing half her life for the now scripted "reality" show. Again, thankfully don't have that. That would drive me crazy. Can you imagine the stress from that alone? I value freedom too much to tolerate that.

Jon and Kate seem to think that giving spiels of a sort of fiction at churches and having their children's lives good and bad on TV is a good way to "earn a living." Nom not jealous of that one either.

Being recognized almost anywhere I go and being pestered by either fans or anti-fans. Couldn't most of us live without that?

Um, there is something about Kate's life I'd want? I can't think of anything right off hand. The amount of money they are getting to me isn't worth the trade-off of loss of personal freedom, privacy, and self-respect, but they have made another choice. I preferred to work in a more regular job and build up a successful retirement and provide a decent life for my children that didn't involve cameras and such. We had the option years ago to take a different path. After much thought, we decided not to go that way. I've never regretted it.

Why aren't you jealous of Jon and Kate? What do they have to deal with that you are happy not to have to handle?

Our Mailbag

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