Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

TLC, via their "Discovery Store", is pre-selling Seasons 1 & 2 of this "wholesome family-friendly" series. This is a 4-DVD set, which is a total of 8 hours long and includes 20 eps (19 are standard half-hour long shows and 1 is an hour long program.)

This is what is included on this set:


10 Little Pumpkins (April 23, 2007)
The family go to a pumpkin patch in celebration of autumn and Halloween. Of course Kate is hell-bent on finding the "perfect" mommy & daddy pumpkins. Each child gets a pumpkin to take home. When they carve the pumpkins, Kate panics and insists on cleaning the table before they are through.

Housekeeper Hunt (April 23, 2007)

Kate interviews a slew of housekeepers but none of them met her high standards of excellence. She actually expected them to get down on their hands and knees and scrub her floors each day (I am not joking!) One of the housekeepers actually told her that she couldn't do it (because of physical limitations) and Kate says "oh OK" in this icy-icy voice. Kate finally hired someone, however she was let go after the first day simply because she didn't pass the "white-glove test." Oh, and I almost forgot, as usual, Jon and Kate "get away" for a night out while Nana Joan watches all the kids. Wow it must be nice to have all that help!

Gosselins Go West (April 30, 2007)

Kate & Jon go to a (paid) speaking engagement at a church in CA (of course the tups are left at home.) They also discuss and prepare their will. For some reason TLC (formerly Discover Health) rarely showed/shows this ep in repeats. This is rather unusual, considering they show both Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Little People Big World in heavy-heavy rotation. But upon contemplation, it's probably because this ep discusses religion and features Jon and Kate in a church which is simply "too shocking" for terrestrial TV. Perhaps it is because Kate steals pinecones from a national forest... and oranges from a private orchard.

Garage Makeover (April 30, 2007)

With the help of Uncle Kevin, Jon transforms their garage. It was so funny when Kevin let Lex hang from one of the ceiling shelves. Kate was trying to stick her nose in everything because she hates: 1) not having control & 2) not having all eyes on her!

Twins Turn 6 (May 7, 2007)

Cara and Mady are treated to a special day out in New York in celebration of their birthday. They go see American Girl. And it was nice to see some of the spotlight on them for once.

Shopping For Ten (May 7, 2007)

Jon and Kate discuss how they "save" and "shop" for a large family. I'm not surprised they didn't mention how they really rake in the big bucks. Cry, Cry, Cry poverty to everyone and anyone that'll listen, accept government welfare, free gifts, money and donations, and go to paid speaking engagements at churches. Keep in mind, all of this was done WHILE THEY HAD plenty of money in their joint savings account. I can just hear Kate now, "you expect me to use my own money on these kids? Puh-leaze!"

Pancakes And Potties (May 14, 2007)

When I was a fan of Kate & Jon I considered this such a cute ep and probably the defining program of this entire series. The family spend the morning having blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. According to Jon, Kate makes the pancakes every week but the bacon is only made once or twice a year as a "treat!" (BTW, I wonder if the production staff are allowed to eat when they're over, filming? Another quick question, do you think Kate bothered to tip the delivery men who brought her the free piano in an ep earlier this year??) In the second part of the ep, Kate talks about potty training the girls because as she puts it "girls are easier than boys." When Alexis uses the potty for the first time and Kate is beyond ecstatic, she actually takes a picture of her daughter next to her potty.

Jon Turns 30 (May 14, 2007)

Kate plans a surprise party for Jon on his 30th Birthday. The gang go to a Japanese restaurant, but the tups are left at home (as usual -- unless Kate has several of her helpers to do her job). Anyway, of course it goes without saying that Kate and Jon take off for a week's vacation without any of their kids because just a simple party and cake wouldn't be enough.


Sextuplets Turn 3 (October 15, 2007)
Kate puts together an elaborate birthday party for the little ones, complete with clowns, balloons, cotton candy and even two ponies. Suffice it to say, before the party there's a "huge crisis." The washing machine was apparently overloaded so it began to expel soapsuds. No big deal, right? It didn't stop Kate from screaming at Jon to get in the laundry room immediately at the top of her lungs. My favorite part was watching Nana Janet (BTW I love Nana Janet because she reminds me of my own ganny) ride the pony. Kate to Nana Janet: Janet, I don't want you to get hurt, you're my kids' babysitter. Kate: "That pony is saying kill me now."

Breakfast In Bed (October 22, 2007)
Another ep devoted to Kate so she can "get away." In the first half, Jon makes her breakfast in bed. In the second half, Kate and Beth visit a posh salon. At the spa, Kate is incredibly greedy and grabby. She can constantly be heard saying: we have to get that and we have to try that. She must have enjoyed the food a lot because she actually takes it with her, too!

Gosselins Go Dutch (October 22, 2007)
The family go to Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park. Before leaving, the usually (very) well behaved Cara has a small tantrum over a pair of shoes. As is par for the course, while at the park Kate goes ballistic on Jon for some minor (and mindless) infraction (such as going to the bathroom).

Sextuplets First Dentist Visit (October 29, 2007)

All of the children have a check-up and sit still, very well. Well, all except for Lex. But she was just a baby so that's expected. But Mady screamed and cried like there was no tomorrow. Sometimes I really think this kid will do anything for attention because she loves having all eyes on her. Mady is suffering from a classic case of "only child syndrome."

Red, White & Gosselin (October 29, 2007)

Jon and Kate take the kids to a 4th of July parade. It was so cute watching Aaden sneak the candy that Kate forbade him from eating. Later on, they visit Beth and her family. And no one bats an eye when Taliah, Cara and Mady go swimming during a lightning storm.

Sugar Rush (November 5, 2007)

Kate and Carla take the tups to Chocolate World, because daddy has to go to work (and Mady and Cara are in school). Even though they were 3, this was Kate's first time out with the kids without Jon and she claimed to be "nervous."

A Cow Purchase (November 12, 2007)

Kate and Jon take the children to visit Natural Acres, a farm. As is typical, when Kate saw something that she wanted she (again) behaved in that acquisitive fashion that is now all too familiar for longtime viewers.

Sara Snow Visits! (November 12, 2007)
A cable cooking show host visits Kate and gives the entire family tips on cooking and conservation. This is one ep that I'm not overly crazy about. I like the family and don't like watching outsiders come into the mix because it's always less interesting.

Babies And Bedrooms (November 19, 2007)
Bob, a contractor and neighbor (not to be confused with Bob Carson, Beth's hubby), comes by to renovate the attic into the twins' new bedroom (I smell another freebie). Meanwhile, Kate looks into getting the little ones big-kid beds. As usual Mady makes a few wry remarks reminding everyone that'll listen that the new room is hers and no one can come in without her permission.

A Day At The Zoo (December 3, 2007)
Jon and Kate take the children to the Pittsburgh Zoo. (This is their second trip to a zoo. The first trip, to the National Zoo in Washington, DC, got "rained out," so they made the family go again.) They all really love animals. Lex especially loves alligators and it was so touching when she got to see a baby alligator. And she wasn't even afraid, at all.

Hit The Road (December 10, 2007)
This is a 2-part ep. Jon and Kate drive to Disney World with their kids. To me, it seemed like they were trying to make such a huge deal out of it. Wouldn't it have been much easier to fly? I don't like flying but I'll be damned if I have to drive with 8 babies across 7 states for 19 hours! But I'm very sure Kate wanted for nothing during the car trip. In the second part of the ep, the family arrives at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Beth, Kayla and her 2 other daughters were also on hand to lend a helping-hand to the family.

Cutting Room Floor (December 17, 2007)

This includes "never-before-seen-clips" of the family. However, like the Sara Snow ep, this one also lacks any creativity. It may also be notable to mention that the series has featured at least 5 or 6 different retrospective shows that often keep recycling the same old clips and the same stories and anecdotes and used-video of past-shows. I wish they would stop doing it. However, it's incredibly quick, easy and very cost-effective so it will likely continue. By the way, I can totally tell that the production staff talk about Kate behind her back, every chance they get. After all, who wouldn't? Because most times, Kate's such a condescending and thoughtless shrew (on one ep she actually threw a dirty diaper at Jen the producer and then laughed about it in her face). Perhaps they can put together some of these outtakes for a new ep?

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Posted for AG:

I just read parts 2 and 3 of Julie's blog.

Boy, it's hard to re-live gumgate. My heart breaks for Collin. I can see how Jon and Kate wanted Jodi off the show and used gumgate as their excuse. Only problem is that it totally backfired and people were horrified at how Kate treated Collin and loved Jodi even more. I think gumgate turned a lot of sheeple away from the show, and cupcakegate is getting even more.

What breaks my heart is the sheer terror those kids live with every day. Julie explains really well how J&K's rules are very inconsistent. They do this to keep the kids on their toes and live with uncertainty at all times. It's a way of control. J&K control their emotions. Every time they're offered a piece of gum, they're going to think "Is it okay to eat this? Is there going to be a consequence or will it be okay?" Same with birthday cakes and even birthdays. Look at the stark difference between their 3rd and 4th birthday parties -- it seems like J&K delight in the fact that the kids never know what to expect. Meanwhile the tups' hearts start racing when their b-day comes up and think "Will we celebrate our birthday this year or will we punished for not eating dinner like last year?" Jon and Kate both terrorize their kids. I hate that those kids have to live like that.