Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

As recently as last night's appearance at the Highest Praise Tabernacle in Goldsboro, NC, Jon and Kate were still lying. A direct report fresh from an attendee describes how Kate said that her parents, Grandma and Grandpa Kreider, are not involved in any of their grandchildren's lives. This is patently not true and Kate knows it -- they see Clairissa's little boy with regularity.

Also, a love offering was taken up for the children's college funds. Funds which, according to the Gosselin website, don't exist -- conveniently leaving out the fact that the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania did set up TAP funds for all eight children, as announced during the sextuplet's first birthday party.

They do keep their website updated in other areas, but they refuse to remove the claim that:
Contrary to popular belief, none of our kids have been given a college scholarship, nor are there any funds set up in any accounts to pay for college!!!.

"'Reality' TV is Child Abuse"

Dr. Laura Schlessinger tends to agree with some of our issues, from her article "Reality TV is Child Abuse":

"For the life of me I can’t figure out how the title “Reality Television” came into being as a description of the sick, exploitive, vulgar, humiliating, dangerous, and often cruel programming gimmicks masquerading as entertainment.

“Reality” implies unscripted; a slice of life “as is.” Therein lies the problem. All the situations and premises are contrived, with rewards (so-called “celebrity” and money) for outrageousness, as that is what attracts media attention, therefore an audience,
therefore, profits.

The reality format is at its most abusive, however, in its molestation of the family dynamic and its gross exploitation of children."

Full article here.