"How could I have been so wrong about these two?"

This blog entry had some interesting points to make. The opening paragraph reads:

How tickled was I, just a few months ago, to finally discover the guilty pleasure called TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight? The show focuses on the Gosselins, a Pennsylvanian family comprised of two parents, two pre-’tweener twin girls, and a set of (now) four-year-old sextuplets. Beyond the obvious kiddie cuteness factor, it is tough to articulate the show’s appeal. This is particularly true for me, since I do not generally find the children of other people to be interesting or reliably endearing. But I think if you are a new parent, there is something inspiring about watching Kate try to juggle 8 kids in diapers. It allows you to think, “Eh, I’m not doing so bad, am I?” And the appeal is not just limited to the mommy set, even Mr. Right-Click got sucked into the Gosselins’ web and after emptying our Tivo of back episodes, I think we both are out of new episodes to watch.

Don't get too excited, Jon & Kate fans -- that's just the beginning. As you continue reading, you will discover that Anna's initial rosy impressions take a turn that is by now too familiar to many of us. I guess Nancy K. is not the only convert out there.

Reprinted with permission from Anna, author of ABDPBT.

How dangerous are "reality" shows?


I have only watched Supernanny a few times, but it seems that a single father who was on the show in January has shot himself to death. How many "reality" shows "feed off" troubled people???

What is Jon & Kate Plus 8 doing to SO MANY people -- the kids, the relatives, Jon and Kate themselves?