The Networks DO Listen -- What You Can Do

As a former Disney employee familiar with programming, etc. It is true other cable channels, tv productions are always on the look out for new entertainment ideas. It is very obvious from this blog many of you are extremely unhappy with the J&K plus 8 Show. Well I would suggest writing to TLC or Discovery and tell them exactly why you do not like the show any more. Also, become familiar with the advertisers on the show. Write to them, tell them you will not use their products until either the show is actually cancelled, or at least cleaned up for the children's sake.

Believe me the networks do listen to your feedback. As I viewed the Truth Will Set you Free, I noticed over 7,000 people have accessed this site to at least read the information given on behalf of Jodi. I for one believe she should have been compensated from the very beginning, at least for the inconvenience of a film crew in her home, moving furniture, etc.

As far as Kate shouting she would be "done" with the show if Jodi is compensated, I would tell her fine, because we have some other family or show in the wings available for immediate production, which is true for any cable station because "things" happen in this industry and networks have to be available to change on a moment's notice.

Kate is absolutely wrong in not honoring her commitment to her family. What she doesn't realize is the network will move forward anyway and more than likely cancel the show or the contract due to viewer input.

So what we all must do is write the network, boycott the advertisers, etc. Our economy is slowing down and people are worried about the national gasoline problems, unemployment issues, etc.

Networks do want to hear your opinion. Why do you think they have the Neilson Rating system? And it is true the children are getting older and are growing out of their baby cuteness. Many viewers get bored and want change just for change sake. But mostly people want to still believe that The Learning Channel or TLC is really compassionate and really does care about the welfare of the Gosselin children, as well as what you viewers actually think.

What Kate and Jon will need to remember is they will have adverse effects on their children, no matter what they may think now, but it will come back to haunt them in behavior displayed by their children at a later date.

So let's do all of the children a favor and please write to the Network. You can look up The Learning Channel on the internet. Just do an engine search. Find their website, jot down the address, write all of their networks, Discovery Health, etc.

While you are at it show up at the church conventions that Jon & Kate speak at and inquire of them why they have no issues on how their children are being exploited.

I know they think the money is good now and it will last forever, but that is simply not true. To be truthful I would not want to be in their shoes when the show is cancelled or not renewed for lack of viewership.

As far as the perks they are receiving they definitely need to reconcile everything they receive as a perk with the IRS. Does anyone remember recently that all of the gift bags given to entertainers at the recent Award shows were stopped? Entertainers did not want to sign a piece of paper to be given to the IRS explaining the value of the gift basket they received. The gifts and freebies now affect their total income for the year.

Thanks everyone and keep up the great feedback and your opinions do matter.

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"If I could give Kate a little advice..."

I'm a 49 year old mother of 4 (now grown) kids, happily married for almost 32 years and if I could give Kate a little advice, it would be this:

1) Slow down and enjoy your family as they are right now. You know how quickly it has changed so far and the remaining years will go even faster;

2) Remember that your husband's input is just as valuable as your own. Just because his way of doing things is different from yours, doesn't make his wrong and yours right;

3) Talk in a more civilized tone, don't yell so much. No family, no matter how large, should need to yell to be heard. Teach that to your children also;

4) Gender is not a reason for exclusion of anything, be it love, time together, sports, cooking, cleaning, etc.;

5)While sarcasm is fun for the person talking, it comes across as very mean and hurtful to many people. Temper this and it will go along way in every facet of your life;

6) Show your love to all your children equally. They pick up on more than you realize and you will live to regret this if you don't;

7) I would use your paid help to do the cleaning of the home, not the rearing of your children. You can keep your home clean once the kids are gone. You can't rear the kids once their gone;

8) Place a higher value on family. You don't have to let them control your life, but they should definitely be a large part of it, for the kids if nothing else;

9) Never be afraid to tell your kids or your husband you are sorry or you were wrong. You are a human that makes mistakes just like everyone else, but acknowledging your errors often brings people closer to you.

10) Three of my kids are boys and I agree it was different from girls. Not worse, just different. But they deserve a mom that really understands them and you are it. I would suggest you start living up to their needs because they are the men of tomorrow and they deserve better than I have witnessed.

These are just a few of the important things I have noticed from watching the show. Everyone can look back and wish they had done certain things differently, but no one gets a second chance to actually do that. So if you can correct your actions as you go, you and your family will be making much better memories, be much happier and stronger.

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"How is it a marriage, if there's no communication?"

Let's look at Jon and Kate's marriage. Jon said last night [during the Sextuplets Turn 4 episode] that he wishes Kate would just let the kids have fun and not worry about getting messy. He has said this repeatedly on the show directly to her. Never once has she responded in an understanding or thoughtful way to his concern. She always says something snarky like "well you don't have to do laundry." (She doesn't either, but that's beside the point.)

How is it a marriage if there's no communication? I'm flabbergasted that she couldn't at least respond with something like "I see your point, and I'll work on it." Or "I understand what you're saying, but I have a phobia of messes and I have to try really hard not to notice the mess." None of her responses admit any wrongdoing on her part. According to her, she's always right in everything she does. Even when her own husband points out that she might be wrong, she makes no effort to see his side. Even when he says she'll regret it in the future -- something I've never heard him say before -- she still doesn't take what he says to heart.

Her actions are another thing. Despite Jon's repeated requests for her to not worry about the mess while they're in the thick of an activity, she makes zero effort during those activities to modify her behavior to make it fun for the kids.

Even if she looked at his point of view and decided that he was wrong (I don't think she looks at anyone's POV but hers, but if she did), she could at least try once to do it his way and then say "I tried it your way and it didn't work, so I think it would be best to do it my way."

She treats Jon as if he doesn't deserve to have an opinion regarding his own kids, and that he's not an equal partner in their parenthood. She does everything her way without anyone having any input whatsoever in anything. She's the Queen who decides all, and everyone else is just there to serve her.

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Sextuplets Turn 4

TLC is airing a new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode tomorrow night (Monday July 7th) -- a 30-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled Sextuplets Turn 4:
In celebration of the sextuplets' birthday, Jon and Kate take the group to a local bakery where they get the opportunity to decorate their own cupcakes, and the energized bunch is told they cannot eat the treats until after dinner.

Thoughts to Ponder

If anyone thinks that the sextuplets are not somewhat backward in their development, ponder this:

When the show started, Cara and Mady were the same age as the tups are now. They spoke clearly. They did not seem to scream, demand, and cry over every little thing. I think the twins adopted those behaviors after watching the tups perform and get their way.

As a matter of fact, they were the BABYSITTERS. At the age of four, Cara and Mady would be sent to the basement or bedroom to watch over or entertain the tups. Can anyone imagine telling any of the tups to watch over or entertain a small child?

Other than, possibly, Leah, none of those little kids speaks English very well. I'm not sure why... and certainly most of them don't even follow instructions.

P.S. At the bakery, when Kate felt the need to change tables (since they all needed intense supervision), she said "I don't like to sit in the middle of the room." HUH? What is she, Jesse James? Then she decided that it was perfectly OK for the twins to eat their cupcakes at the bakery, for Hannah and her sisters to eat their cupcakes (even though it looked like Hannah had a lot left over on her plate and did NOT even open her mouth for what Mady was feeding her) while watched by the icky boys, and for the boys not to get their cupcakes (since they didn't even remember the incident the next day). I'm sure they ALL remembered the incident... but they're scared to death of Katie Irene to open their mouths. The woman should be put in a loony bin.