It could be, perhaps, that her shoes are too tight...

The Grinch hated Christmas, the whole Christmas season.
Please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight...

Remember when...

Since Jon and Kate recently went strolling through memory lane, let's do the same thing, our way. Here is a list of what I remember when I first started watching the show:

1. Jon and Kate sitting on the bed, folding laundry. Need I say more?

2. While the tups were napping, Kate actually DOING household chores. Now, she naps with them too and has others doing her chores.

3. Kate showing ALL of the kids affection and no ounce of favoritism whatsoever.

4. Kate in the kitchen doing some cooking.

5. Kate being in a good mood.


Of course, this is only an abbreviated list. Please feel free to add on.

On a side note, a part of me can't help but wonder when I compare the "old Kate" to the "new Kate". Old going back to the home videos of Jon and Kate and the twins and even when the show first started and "new Kate" this season.

I am in no way diagnosing her of anything but I can't help but wonder if she suffers from some sort of depression. It is obvious that as time goes on, she looks much more unhappy. I don't know if the negative publicity is getting to her or if she is missing Beth or perhaps the love offerings are not coming in as much but I really am concerned for her. Her eyes are very empty and she is always complaining about how exhausted she is.

Any parent will tell you that at this age, the tups are sooo much more easier than before and she has all this hired help. Seems to me like she has a hard time getting out of bed. Maybe the depression is sinking in. Of course, one of the side effects of narcissism is depression so a part of me wonders.

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The show has been cute, but...

Know I'm real big into not judging, especially since when you're dealing with TV ("reality" or not), the footage you are seeing is edited.

However, editing cannot insert the negative condescending words and troubled glances given by the stars of the TLC hit Jon & Kate Plus 8 that I see every single episode. I watch the show for the kids (they're entertaining and adorable) and so I worry for them, mostly since viewing the latest episodes and learning that there will be at least 50 new episodes in the future.

Like many I have heard, I usually record the show and watch the the kids in their antics and am delighted by how they've grown (I skip the parts with Jon and Kate arguing), and it's like in a way visiting a cousin. Then lately I was thinking about those kids and even though I love the show, I love the kids even more (not in the creepy way that some viewers my love them... which brings me to one of my points).

My point is that in the childrens' best interest the show should not be continued. The show has been cute, but now you are seeing the ill effects of having your family plastered all over the TV screen. Not only is a dangerous amount of information available to creepy stalkers or even pedophiles, but to make it worse seemingly innocent footage of the 'tups using the toilet or taking a bath are available to these people. This puts these kids in more danger than most kids.

Also as they get older the issue of having your personal life plastered where any kid at school can see it can be very damaging. When the twins go to school have you ever considered that the reason Mady comes home so cranky may be because the kids at school can watch her have a tantrum and go through her "issues" as well as hear her parents discuss her? That cannot be healthy. You can already tell that Cara is not a fan of the camera and tries to avoid it, but the little ones are so used to it, they actually don't even know what a normal life is. They'll start school soon and they'll have to go through the embarrassment too.

I just feel for the Gosselin kids and want the best for them as I hope their parents do. Maybe they're too overwhelmed with the fame and money that the show is bringing them and do not see the damage they could potentially be doing to the kids? Maybe they don't care. I think we need to allow ourselves to try to get our opinions and concerns for the children voiced without it being overwhelmed by some bitterness and meanness towards the Gosselins. After all, it is about those precious kids, right?

Submitted for publication by Wendy.