"For once, I am proud of Kate."

I'm by no means J&K's biggest fan, but wrt the Jodi controversy, I'm 100% on their side.

Whether the show is healthy or not for the children, the majority of income that's generated remains in the Gosselin household. There's the technical pay to crew, and business expenses, and maybe these people shouldn't profit either- but in doing so they help support the income that the show does bring to the G. household.

Jodi being compensated for her involvement on the show- aside from babysitting fees- is an entirely separate matter- as she would be profitting of the backs of the tup's to support her own household and that money would in no way be filtered down to the tups, would nto support the show, nor enter into the G. household. Do you see the distinction?

For once, I am proud of Kate. Regardless of all her other parenting flaws, I am proud that she did not let an outside party profit from her family. When they pimp out their children, their children still see the benfits- Jodi would put that money in her pocket and take it home to support her family. The kids are not there to support someone elses family- and if Jodi thinks this is unfair, I think we need to reconsider our opinions of kind aunt Jodi. Kudos to Kate for at least keeping the money in the family, and not letting her tup's pay the Jodi family bills.

I also find it funny that we tend to think it's ok for Jodi to be compensated, and profit from the exploitation of the tups, because we like her personality- but not ok for the Mother, because we do not like her, even though THAT money remains in the tup's household.

This is one instance where Kate did protect her children. Shame on Jodi if she refused to reappear due to this.

If I'm not seeing something, feel free to point out the error in my thinking!

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