A FEW is understandable; ALL gets suspicious.

I suspect that Kate feels she had a good reason for cutting her parents out of her life. However, it was a fairly recent decision. Her mom, at least, was very involved prior to and shortly after the birth of the tups. Her mom watched the twins quite a bit and also visited Kate while she was in the hospital on bedrest. Kate mentioned her mom's support while she was hospitalized in one of her church talks.

So let's say her parents became evil, or she felt they would be harmful to her children, sometime after the tups were born.

When did Jon's mom leave the picture? He was living with her when he met Kate, so it wasn't like she was completely uninvolved with her sons after the divorce. She was also at the wedding and on speaking terms when Kate had (or was pregnant with) the twins. Another family member who is toxic? Getting stranger, but okay.

Then, there are Kate's sisters. She has three-Kendra, Christen and Clairissa. We already know, from Clairissa's blog, that Kate made her choose between her parents or her. Clairissa also noted that she only sees her nieces and nephews on TV and that she has regular contact with her parents. Christen lives in Ohio and was allegedly told she had to pay full price to place an ad on the Gosselin website. Kendra's husband helped paint the twins' room, so she might have contact with her. We don't know. We know for sure that at least one of her sisters has been cut out. Her brother is also now apparently cut out as well...a brother and sister-in-law who were very helpful and close to the kids.

Then there are Jon's two brothers. He has never mentioned them on the show, not even in passing. I can understand them being camera shy and not wanting to be on the show, but Jon never even brings them up when he discusses his OWN childhood. It can be assumed that they are not in regular contact, either.

That's quite a few family members, from both sides. I find that pretty abnormal, especially since Clairissa and Christen seem like nice enough people. I find it difficult to believe that they are all toxic and out to cause their family harm. I think Clairissa aches to see her nieces and nephews, especially since her own son is around the same age as the tups, and she lives close by.

A FEW family members is understandable. ALL family members gets suspicious.

Reprinted with permission from Steph.