"They Are Doing the Best They Can"

I am so sick of reading this statement over and over again by Jon & Kate worshippers. What exactly is it THEY are doing that is so admirable? This is not a normal family anymore. As far as I'm concerned, they can stop insulting our intelligence in the hopes we'll fall for that one. Jon and Kate can tell us over an over again how normal they are, but anyone with half a brain can see right through that one.

They have several helpers. Kate can't even do her own laundry, she has to get help folding it and putting it away. She has babysitters and nannies, most of which we don't see but we know they're there. They are away several weekends a year and the children are pawned off on friends or relatives. This is "doing the best they can?" All they're doing is running around with their hands out. Whether it be love offerings from unsuspecting Christians, or free merchandise/trips from corporate America and fans, their hands are out ready to take whatever is thrown their way. They put themselves out there as charity cases and it's despicable.

Wake up people! This is not an example one should be setting for their children. Life ain't a free ride. Values and morals need to be taught. When is it time to give back and will they ever? All I see is take, take, take. If this is "doing the best they can" then they should be ashamed of themselves.

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