I Tell Myself I'm Going to be Fair

Gawd! You know every episode I tell myself I'm going to be fair, I'm not going to jump all over Kate for nothing. But then two minutes in she will pull out her uber bitch intolerable self and I lose it.

[In tonight's episode, Girls Day Out] I wanted to smack her for telling Jon he doesn't help out. Excuse me??? Is this bitch kidding? This man holds the family together. Ok he has his lazy moments too, but nowhere near the level Kate approaches. There was awhile there when he was working full time and then running around doing Kate's stupid projects all weekend while she whines and complains she didn't get any credit for bringing him up lunch.

He never complains when Kate is lounging around like Cleopatra all day or asks her to get up and help him. How does Kate think these kids get up, dressed, fed and on the bus every day when she sleeps in? How do they get bathed and put to bed at night? Magic? Beth? The camera man? When she was berating Jon on the couch, he didn't really respond and Jen asked him if he had anything to say. He said "no." I mean it's pretty clear he knows there's nothing in the world he can say to reason with Kate, so he's thrown in the towel. I don't blame him.

"Puppy nightmare thing"? The child is FOUR. That is how four year olds paint. If you have half a heart, you will appreciate the "nightmare" for how cute and simple it is and treasure it forever. Agggh!

Mady is hysterical. Kate is all assuming the girls will give what they make to her. Bitch! Shrew! But Mady is like, fuck it, I'm giving mine to Daddy. Go Mady.

Reprinted with permission from Virga.

... beautiful for the innocence it represents...

Louis Pasteur said, "When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.".

I don't think Kate Gosselin gets it; I think the poster who wrote this does:

I truly do not get Kate and the pottery.

I framed a few pictures children in my life have painted for me. It's precious to me how childlike they are, with the wobbly lines and the distorted figures and drippy paint. That's innocent, darling, something to treasure. By the time they are old enough to paint nice proportioned characters like Kate apparently wants, they will no longer be little children. An art project from a four year old is something to treasure forever, it is beautiful for the innocence that it represents, and shame on Kate uttering one negative comment about her children's work.

Shame on her for covering up a four year old's work of art because she wanted it just so. Shame on her for tricking a child into thinking that she actually cared about what that child was painting. Shame on her for being worried about pottery not being covered "completely" so it would be "perfect," when she should have been enjoying and treasuring the time with her little ones. Shame.

Reprinted with permission from Virga.