What Jon Does All Day

Dateline or 20/20?

I wonder why Dateline or 20/20 hasn't picked up on the Gosselins. If the Gosselins truly have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of, you would think the family would welcome an investigation to get at the truth. Reputable journalists have the resources and the staff to reach the truth, and either this story would become an exposé to a very greedy set of parents or it would clear the Gosselins of any allegations of exploiting their children. It's time someone protects the children and you would think TLC would place the welfare of these children before profits.

Another question I have, does anyone know if an online petition has been started to cancel this show?

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A Serious Question for Jon and Kate Gosselin Supporters

Although I am new to this blog, I feel quite aware of the ever present people who are willing to name call, insult and curse at those individuals who have disgust for the charade that the eight Gosselin children are forced into costume for, to provide entertainment to television watchers wherever one can tune into TLC. I am, quite frankly, tired of being unable to have a conversation or stating an opinion without being called "jealous" or "petty." It seems to be a common trend.

I think that those people who continue to misunderstand the people who speak out against the Gosselins don't understand that what the Gosselins are doing is truly despicable. Everyone can let out a big *yawn* after this statement, because what I am saying is not going to be breaking headlines for anyone reading, but I do think that some things need to be put into perspective...

FACT: In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, young workers are protected from employment that may interfere with their education or that may be detrimental to the child's health or well-being.

FACT: Jon and Kate Gosselin are allowed to have their eight children create income for them because of a loophole in legislation that allows children under fourteen to work only if their employment is exempt from the child labor standers not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. One of the exemptions covers performing in theatrical, motion picture, or broadcast productions and work in a business owned by the parents of the child.

The problem with what the Gosselins are doing is twofold for me. First, they are allowing their children to be viewed on television by anyone that knows how to turn on a television, and second, they are profiting from such exploitation. I classify their acts as exploitation because of this: I would not allow strangers into my home to videotape my children, fully clothed, or naked, on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Specifically, I would not allow my children's resultant video to be placed in national circulation for any sicko (yes, sicko) to pick up and watch.

The Gosselin lovers out there did not like when I stated that large "slathering" doses of butter leads to heart attacks, and I would like to direct those individuals to the following link which provides the nutritional data for butter.

However, I do not believe that anyone can disagree with the fact that the number of known existent child sexual predators is distressing and very worrisome. It is for that reason that we tell our children not to talk to strangers.

Although I assume that the production team for "Jon and Kate" has undergone thorough background investigations, I cannot say the same for every person that watches or has access to the program. In fact, I would venture to say that a child molester that has been released from prison and is not able to access the internet but that can watch television would turn directly to TLC to watch this show.

I realize what I am saying is probably highly offensive to some people and will be thoroughly torn through in comments, but to quote a classic "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" People want to know why people have such a serious problem with "Jon and Kate" and I just gave my biggest one.

I have a feeling that no matter what reason is given, it will be dismissed as irrationality caused by jealousy, however, I have come to the conclusion that if people cannot empathize with the fact that allowing your children to be placed on television, naked, each week, is a problem, then there is no sense to even make any other argument.

So, I would like to conclude with this final question: Would any reader here be comfortable with the fact that a sexual predator (previously arrested or not) has access to videos of your children?

Reprinted with permission from Mrs. Ricardo.

One can only hope.

I think it would be wonderful if the Jon & Kate + 8 show would end after what is bound to be a hellish production schedule with this new season of 40-50 shows coming up. The children are getting older and more independent with thought, word and deed. With every episode they are becoming more effected by filming, scheduling and what the show has done detrimentally to the personalities of their parents and the dynamics of their family. It's unfortunate that there has to be this year for them to go through, but one must hit bottom before things can improve, at times. We can only hope. Hope that the contrived and scripted episodes that have become more and more painful and boring to watch get even more so this coming season, so that the kids can be free of the responsibility that their birth put upon them to maintain family income. (Seriously, FIFTY of them? But, it's just cameras and crew following the children around, not bumping into their space, needs, emotions or lives, right?) People will still watch, looking for the remaining "toddler" cuteness that is quickly fading and for the train wreck editing that does provide that macabre sort of entertainment. I will still watch, wondering when and what will finally take this immature and self-centered set of parents down. It won't be pretty, watching Kate have the tantrum of all tantrums when she finds that she really is just middle-class average and may not have the continuing income to keep her fab self up with spa days, surgery, lipo and botox without going back to work herself or requiring her husband to get an education and a better job, along with some ambition. He may jump ship as the show jumps...you know. Ongoing speaking engagements? Pahleeeze. She may have enough residuals to maintain some aspects of that lifestyle, residuals that should perhaps be held in trust for those 8 little reasons that created her 15 minutes of fame. Fame that has made her the "Hot Slut of the Week" on the "dlisted" site. Nice. As the tups become more Mady-like, will our disgust create a situation where the show becomes unprofitable? For Mady's sake, it may be her only way out.

I wish the best for this family in months and years to come, as there are many innocent children involved. I do see that Kate Gosselin (and Jon) are probably becoming WAY too big for their small-town, greedy, faux fame grabbing britches. I think their deceptive messages and greed will rip those britches to shreds, the sooner the better to get the kids out of production. I think that they can keep income from various avenues going for a while, but those avenues will become more and more of a "been there done that" cliché and so will they. I also see that the Gosselins are burning many bridges and this will be their ultimate downfall. It could very well be that the golden formula of cute little kids, inflammatory parents and the production/editing that created that fragile golden formula and the show's "success" would falter from some very small detail or influence. If the scales are tipped too much, the formula no longer works and I see the Gosselins becoming the largest flea on a dead dog. On behalf of the kids, one can only hope.

Free the Gosselin 8.