Girl's Day Out

Will Kate be able to manage a whopping five girls on her own or will she have to take a helper? Are they really going to make it to a pottery place and will "these kids" be allowed to actually paint pottery after washable markers were too much for her?

Boys Day Out

This had to be the most boring episode I have ever seen... possibly beyond watching grass grow.

If you don't open your mouth, people might think you're a fool. If you open your mouth, you remove all doubt. Was Kate, or was she not, a fool trying to talk about golf. Jon looked totally disgusted with her.

It was so lovely to watch Kate cuddle a girl and totally ignore her son when he asked if she would miss him. Her screed about how dirty and gross boys are was pure evil. Of course, she then had to clean Aaden's nails while they were eating... but she also removed staples at the dinner table so it probably doesn't mean much to her. Those poor little boys don't seem to get any warmth from their mother at all. Oh yes -- she does like to dress them cute!

Weren't we lucky to be able to watch Jon swing that club? And watch the boys run around like -- boys. It should be a crime to use up public air space for such idiocy. Poor Collin was so upset about getting dirty -- he knew what was in store for him when Kate saw his clothes. When Jon told him that it was OK to get dirty, he got a glazed look in his eyes and could not comprehend what he was hearing. One wonders what Kate had to say when she watched that scene.

As for the girls in the supermarket (scene set up at all?), you can make powdered sugar from regular sugar -- unnecessary trip. And the kids sitting in the grocery part of the cart is extremely dangerous. I actually know a little girl who fell out of the cart, cracked her head, and ended up in the ER... a 4-year-old little girl. But Kate does whatever she wants to do.

I will say there was one scene in which I wanted to cheer. After being buckled in the van, Alexis said she wanted to pee and Kate told her that she could pee when they got home! FINALLY! I guess there were no potties in the little van.

Did anyone notice that when Kate was strapping the girls in the van, one of the girls did not want to be strapped -- and Kate told her "OK, when we get home, you take a nap." Obviously, naps -- or the threat of naps -- have become the new method of punishment!

I agree, Kate looked like hell. And Jon looked better than usual... probably because he'd managed to escape.

Jon Undermines Kate-Retaliates By Eye Rolling

Sometimes I think, how immature and ignorant Jon and Kate Gosselin are.

Why did Jon take his 3 little boys to a Par 3 golf course? Why didn't he just take them to a mini-putt? This way Jon could golf himself and show off. Who cares about Jon Gosselin golfing?

The part that really bothered me was when Joel was getting Colin dirty, and Colin clearly did not want to be dirty. I am sure he can put two and two together at this point and realizes by coming home dirty will only turn Kate on him....what else might my Mommy threaten to throw away??? God that is sad.

But the real bugger for me was the way Jon handled it. He told the boys their mother had brainwashed them into thinking getting dirty was bad. Ok. Jon is right. But these are 4 year old boys-can you imagine how CONFUSED these guys are? We can get dirty and roll around on the grass when we are just with Daddy, but when it is Mommy and Daddy, we can't!!!

Jon, grow some MANBERRIES. Rolling your eyes in the confessional chair while Kate babbles on does not equate to being a man. It just reinforces the fact that you are a wuss. And the only time you are brave enough to show it is when Kate isn't looking.


Reprinted with permission from Fiona.

Kate is Definitely Uncomfortable

After watching last nights episode where Jon takes the boys out to golf, I felt that Kate was very uncomfortable while the cameras were on her. I have been watching the show since the beginning and feel like I have seen her many moods and personality caught on camera enough to make this assumption. My first comment refers to when she was buckling Alexis in her car seat and Alexis said she needed to pee. Now I realize that kids can manipulate and are probably learning some great tricks that Kate herself employs. But this is the tup that also vomits at will. Kate just seemed pissed off during all of that footage. I thought the way she shut the van door was like.."just leave me the hell alone"...And once home, Kate who usually is always mugging at the camera for validation, was clearly NOT doing that. She was barely going thru the motions with her 3 little girls. I have a feeling that all of the bad publicity is getting to Kate-maybe Jon not so much. While Kate seems tough and bitchy on the outside, my guess is she gets HER feelings hurt easily. I think she is very much struggling with the fact that many, many people do not like her and find what she is doing with her children terrible parenting.

Also, during the chair time with Jon, she looked haggared and sad. That woman shocks over the littlest things. "Where were the boys playing"...."could you see them"....Plus-is Kate just STUPID? I don't know alot about sports but I pretty much know the basics of them all. She had NO clue about golf! This woman who is in such dire need for her kids to have life experiences, doesn't want them for herself. Kate is a sad and sick woman who desperatly needs help.

Reprinted with permission from Fiona.